About Me

I'm from Idaho.
I have three brothers.
My parents were the best. Remember the tv shows from the 50's...that was us. Dad worked, came home to a wife in a dress and apron with supper on the table. Only we really were happy. No drama there - except when I would get very mad at my older brother because he was (and is) so very perfect. It's hard being 2nd....especially if the oldest child is perfect, which he totally was. You know, good grades, straight arrow, bed by ten (even the night of his going-away-on-a-mission party. He said, "Good night everyone," and he was gone.)

So, my life was quite uneventful and happy.  It was a great time growing up.  Once in awhile, on a summer night, we would all pile in the car and go get a Hires root beer.  Oh, not often, just once in awhile.

School was school.

Then I went to college.  It was great.  I loved being at school.  That's because I didn't do much in the way of studying. 

Marriage - baby carriage - child raising - teaching school - retirement.

With some adventures along the way.

Then two part-time missions at the family history center in St. George, where we moved in 2004 or 5.

Then, a teaching gig in China.

And, through it all, Allen has been there with me (well, after we got married, at least.)

I'm mighty proud of our kids; a professional photographer; 3 doctors; and a doctor of nurse practioner.

So, maybe in our old age, they'll write out some prescriptions for us and the photgrapher will take our picture in the nursing home.  What more could we ask?

And, that is my life.

Cousins Coincidence

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