Stories from the Mission

Because we are on a family history mission, we hear a lot of family stories;

Some very heartbreaking and sorrowful.

Many are faith promoting and inspiring.

Today, I heard about Loueen's life; her son committed suicide, then her mother die, then her husband died.
Later in the day, I learned that her son was responsible for starting the Piano Guys Group.


So, she has the joy and the sorrow, for sure.

There's beautiful Sister F, who came back to the church after many years of living a pretty wild life.  When she made the decision to return to the Gospel, her three children wanted nothing to do with her because she wouldn't party with them any more. Sh recently had surgery, but not one of her children called or checked in on her.  Just sorrow all around.  But, she finds joy in the many friends, neighbors, missionaries, and ward members who care for her.

There's wonderful, Brother Dickson, a veteran bomber from World WAR II.  In the last few years, his daughter accused him of molesting her and has cut off all ties with him.  He is such a remarkable man, and I find it hard to believe that he would have done such an horrid thing.  It is heartbreaking for him, and he doesn't really talk about to many people.

But, amidst the sad, is also the great wonderful people, who have trials and health issues, but they continue to come and serve.  And, they find great happiness in service. 

As I DO.



Recently, I said something to a son.

And, it's so true.

You cannot take words back.

Oh, how I wish I could.

But, I apologized and he's okay with everything.


A Success Story From the Mission

I really love our mission.

It's fulfilling to help people find names to take to the temple.

It's been inspiring to hear the stories of people and their families; some heartbreaking, some inspiring.

It's disheartening when I can't find a lost relative or something to help them.  I don't like those days.

But, recently, it was a great day.  It's not that I did anything that anyone else couldn't have done, but the family search library has access to some sites that people at home don't have, so I was able to help my neighbor.

Mike had told us that his father died when Mike was nine.  But, he knew so little about the circumstances of his father's death and knew very little of his father, other than he had been born in Lebanon.

So, after he gave me his father's name, I went to a site that has newspaper obituaries and found his father's obituary.  It listed quite a bit of information about Mike's dad; all of which Mike and siblings had never known.  His father had graduated from a Catholic high school and had gone to college in Chicago.  Also, the name of the building where he fell to his death was listed, which Mike and his siblings had never known.

Yesterday, Mike and his older brother made a trip to see the building, which has since been torn down, but he found a picture of the building at an historical library.  He drove to the spot where the building was; he told me tears were shed as he was piecing together some parts of his father's life he had never known.

I didn't do anything noteworthy, but because I had access to some sites, I was able to find the information he had yearned for since 1952.

I am grateful for days like that.

And, Mike is beyond grateful to, at last, have some closure on a father long gone.


Happy 2017!

I'm sure that it will be filled with ups and downs, as every year is.

But, I'm positive and optimistic about our future.

Here are my resolutions for the year:

1. Continue the Resolution to keep the gas at 1/2 or above.

2.  Read the scriptures every day with Sean's app.

And adding these:

Finish Jesus the Christ and relisten to it again in six months.

Read Brad Wilcox's Continual Atonement twice this year.

BE more concerned and loving towards others.  (Not very specific, but I know what it means.)

OH, and one more;


I hardly drink any water, so I MUST DRINK MORE!

No specific amount, BUT just more than I have in the past!

And, that's it.

Here we go.


Divorce STINKS!

I got an email yesterday from an ex-daughter-in-law.

I have always loved her and been grateful she is the mother of our two granddaughters.

But, she wrote a sad letter about how she feels our son is cheating her financially.

I don't want to be involved in this.

I don't want to know this or hear about it.

I do, however, want him to be honorable and do the right thing.

Which he told me he is doing all that the law has required of him.

It's so sad.

What I wanted to say to her was this:

This would never have happened; you wouldn't even be in this situation if YOU hadn't walked out on him, and abandoned your two daughters when they were just little.  

It's true, you had second thoughts and came back to your daughters, but YOU have been the cause of this whole heartache.

And, I'm sorry that you are unhappy, but I'm on our son's side.  I think he is doing what is required of him, and I don't  want to be caught in the middle of this mess of your own making.

Ah, Life is hard.

And, divorce STINKS!


WOW! Another Year Whizzed By

This has been a good year.

I am loving our mission, our home, everything feels good right now.

Oh, sure, there are lots of problems; finances for some families, hard things for some, challenges for all.

But, it's good.

And, I love the Savior.


Death of a Roommate

She was talking on the phone to one of her five sons.

Suddenly, the line went dead.

He called a cousin in the same town, who broke into her house, and found her sitting where she had been talking on the phone.

A surprising death indeed, but such a peaceful, non-painful way to go.

Oh, she was a character, that Lauralee Catherine Lucille Bannatyne Stevenson...then she married twice so her name was Lauralee Catherine Lucille Bannatyne Stevenson Olson Elliot.

We had reconnected the last couple of years on Face Book, and she had had some health issues, but she was still happy, helping others, caring about others, just doing good.

I was stunned to open my FB page, and see her son posting of her death.

Life is so fragile, precious, and fleeting.

Rest in Peace, dear Lauralee!

But, most of all, thanks for the memories from 1963!