Telling Us Where to Get Off

I'm not sure how people ever got around before the invention of a GPS.

But, I do know this, traveling the roads of Cape Cod is made so much easier with this little handy device.

So, go ahead, lady, and tell us exactly where to get off...because without you...we'd be lost!


Are We There Yet?!?!?!

Before I post any blogs to say what is going on, I just want to say this:

Traveling is E.X.H.A.U.S.T.I.N.G.

Now, having said that, I can continue on with the good stuff.


Just SWYPE It!

Coolest invention - well, not the coolest E.V.E.R.,

but, certainly one very cool techno invention.

I LOVE Swype....

Sorry IPad and IPhone users...you are outta luck, but - my Android and I will just swype away.

Wanna have a text race?!?!??!!



It seemed like an easy resolve:

Do NOT buy any food unless you are going to eat it. Absolutely NO wasting of food.

But, today, while cleaning out the fridge before a long away-from-home adventure, I threw away spoiled veggies and fruit. It made me sick to my stomach, as I dumped the food in the trash cans.

True, much of the fruit was given to us by very generous neighbors, but she had purchased that and had so generously given it to us. It's still a waste.

I just didn't always make our fruit smoothies, so the fruit piled up. The veggies just didn't get eaten.

So, my resolve became my UNresolve.

And, once again, I must try harder!


Thankful for....

being able to W.A.L.K.

I'm struggling with a painful case of plantar fasciitis - it's lingered for about 4 months now, and it is NO fun.

But, I can walk.

I am mobile.

And, for that I am very grateful.

I Love America!



Hollywood could not have scripted it any better.

She was a recent divorcee raising 5 incredible children. She had just graduated with her bachelor's degree in Communications and needed a job. He was part owner in a communications company, so she was hired.

She worked there for three years, wondering WHY and WHAT she was doing there. Oh, she liked her bosses. She thought they were both great, she especially admired Bill. He had such a great relationship with his wife and was always talking of how he loved her.

Then, she got a fantastic, dream job at the church office building. She loved her job and her life. Her five children were married, raising children of their own. Life was pleasant and fulfilling. She was not looking for love or romance....

But, one day, she heard of Bill's wife's death. Oh, too tragic and much, much too early.

She went to the viewing, gave her condolences. Then left....

But, that is where the LOVE STORY begins.

How they reconnected after 18 years is the stuff of real Hollywood love stories. And, now happy Donna is even happier, and Bill will be lonely no more.

There are in LOVE HEAVEN!

And, it is so fun to see.


Christmas is WHEN...and it is NOW.....

Christmas is at the end of DECEMBER....

Today is SEPTEMBER 9....

This makes me VERY angry!

If people were excited about WHY we actually celebrate this holiday, these preparations would be wonderful, but the bottom line for all of this is one simple word:


The ones I feel the sorriest for are the little children...they are caught up in this over-anxious/greedy/manipulative situation.

Sorry, kids, but marketers have taken something wonderful and turned it into a GREED fest.

I love Christmas, just not in September!


Picture From the Past

Oh, if this isn't just so CUTE!
There's Kristi D, Byron Calder, and Justin.
From the recipe section of the newspaper June, 1980...
WOW, cute kids....awesome adults also.


Are Wii Fit Yet...

apparently NOT!

What discouraging news is that?

Twenty minutes of hard running, and I burned 59 calories?!?!?!?!

I need a chocolate bar to recuperate from the devastating visual news.


Looking in the Mirror

"I just don't like my daughter-in-law," the neighbor said recently.

"It seems that everything she does annoys me," she continued.

She mentioned some specifics that irritated her about her daughter-in-law of many years. They were things about her house-keeping, child-raising, wasteful spending, careless regard for property, and a few others.

After her lengthy diatribe, she paused for a moment and then she said,

"Truthfully, I think the whole problem is that she reminds me of ME as a younger wife and I don't like what I was!"

Had the neighbor hit on something in her moment of reflection?

Do WE ALL not like someone because they are - in some ways - a mirror image of ourselves?

Because, the truth is, sometimes it IS difficult to see ourselves in a mirror.


Good advice from Pinterest

The Wal*Mart Dilemma

"Ill NEVER shop at Wal*Mart again!" she told me years ago...."discrimination, poor wages for the employees, questionable policies of child labor or sweat shops abroad, etc.," she gave as her reasons.

It all seems so reasonable and for a good cause.

But, practicality ALWAYS comes into play for me:

Peaches - 1.98 lb at the regular grocery store..
Peaches - .98 lb at Wal*Mart...

Gallon of Milk - $4.05 regular grocery store...
Gallon of Mile - $2.68 Wal*Mart...

bananas - .99 regular grocery store...
bananas -.58 Wal*Mart...

Those are just the grocery items....if I need anything non-grocery, the price differences are even more dramatic.

And, over time, those price differences totally add up.

As a person who tries to be financially conservative and spend carefully, for now, I'll just continue to shop Wal*Mart.....

However, if I ever win the lottery, you'll see me at the expensive grocery store down the street!


Maiden Voyage

It had been quite a few years since he had had a boat.

So, when he found this one on Craigslist, he was THERE.

And we were THERE on Quail Lake today for his maiden trip in his new/hardly used fishing boat.

It felt good.

Cousins Coincidence

Dixie texted; she wanted to meet us for lunch. Dixie is Allen's 2 or 3 COUSIN; who knows, but anyway, they are related.  She is won...