The Sunday Visits

It's been awhile since I've done some Sunday visits, but yesterday, I went on two (three, actually, but they weren't home at one home.)

It was Bill's birthday, and I just love to visit him.  I took him three little tiny cinnamon rolls and he gave ME a big box of cookies!  Something is wrong with this picture!

Since it was his 78th birthday, I asked him a little about his growing-up years and his life in general.

He started working at 14 in an upholstery shop; he was hired to sweep up, but he also learned the valuable trade of doing upholstery work.  He also learned how to make and put on convertible tops.  When he and Barbara married, he had nine motorcycles, and a couple of huge dune buggies; not the wimpy kind we have around here, he said

It was so fun to hear his stories and to talk to him.....his poor dear wife, Barbara just sits and occasionally says something, but she is suffering from dementia, so it's hard to really carry on a conversation with her. I always love going to visit and I'm grateful to have them as neighbors.

Then,  Allen and I visited Dr. John Howe; we don't go see him nearly often enough.  He is alone most of his day, and he can't get out of bed as he fears he will fall over; he gets vertigo so badly and has already had a couple of falls.

While visiting him, his home teacher came in - now there is a talker/character.  He's new in the ward and we want to get better acquainted with him, but he's got a story for everything.  I felt sorry for poor John, as he was left out of the conversation, but it was a pleasant hour listening to Mike's stories.
I hope that John could follow and enjoyed it as well.

I'm thankful that I find the stories of other people so interesting and am willing to listen and not just talk; it's just fascinating to hear about other people and their lives.

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