The Way to Happiness


Last night I spent time with my wonderful brother and two of his children and 8 of his grandchildren.

They are just so good and perfect.

And, it's always a joy to be spend time with them.

I do love my family.


The People in Our Neighborhood

I just love my visiting teacher, Wendy Dupras; she's so pleasant, interested in others, and just plain GOOD.

She represents the people in our neighborhood

Just good, good people.

And, it's such a blessing to know them.


Make Up Your Mind!

RAH and I both have a hard time making up our minds, but he even more so than I.

Well, we have been going back and forth on a very major decision for about one month.

We'd settle, then change our minds.

This morning, after much consternation and wavering, RAH made a decision.

And, I'm so grateful that it turned out the way it did.

I'm silently giving thanks for the outcome.

And, on an entirely different note; it's very hot outside.


An Answer to a Prayer

No one has ever really said that to me before; but this morning....

when I offered to tend Jessica's little girls on Friday morning at ten....

She just sort of stared at me for a minute.

Then, she said...

You are an answer to a prayer...my friend wants me to come can peaches at ten, but she wanted me to get a babysitter so the girls wouldn't be in the way.  It's amazing you offered for just the day and time I needed it.

I was thankful and glad to be able to help.....

And, it's easy and fun to tend her three delightful daughters!

Cousins Coincidence

Dixie texted; she wanted to meet us for lunch. Dixie is Allen's 2 or 3 COUSIN; who knows, but anyway, they are related.  She is won...