Luck o the Irish to Ye!

What an incredibly haunting song!

So, today when I heard the song on the radio, it absolutely struck me - I might be in Ireland - where this song takes place - very soon.

And, if I am in Ireland, I'll be luckier than the writer of the words, Frederic Edward Weatherly, who according to legend, never set foot in Ireland.

Here's to Mr. Weatherly, who set his words to an absolutely haunting melody; Londonderry Air. I'll be thinking of you when I set foot in Ireland, and I'll be singing the words to your beautiful song.


Happy Birthday, Relief Society!

How Often? Once a year
How Many Years? Lots of years is how long I've been going!
What Kind of Evening is it? Some fun, humorous, historical, modern, dinners, non-dinners
Programs? Sometimes music, sometimes speakers, sometimes workshops
Best One? Without Doubt....last night's Sisters of Light! It included original music by Jenny Phillips and an original narrative outline, but with unscripted stories by women in our stake.

Incredible, amazing, inspiring, love-filled, emotion-filled...it was a blend of stories fromBiblical days, pioneer days, and real-life contemporary women who shared their stories of:

losing jobs, homes, health, marriages; and yet, in each case, they bore such powerful testimonies of the love and care of the Saviour. These women KNEW they were watched and cared for by each other and by the love of Christ even during very, very difficult circumstances in their lives.

The music was amazing!

Linda Asay and I drove Sylvia Seegmiller in her wheelchair accessible van. I was so glad that Sylvia was able to go.

I love the Relief Society! Happy Birthday to this marvelous organization.


Gratitude Attitude

Today while running errands, I was overwhelmingly grateful for 4 things:

1. Health - at this time in my life. I went to the hospital to visit my cousin Karole, who has cancer, and other health problems. Seeing her so weak and helpless made me realize - again - that every day we can walk, talk, and breathe is a gift.

2. Food - particularly fast food when I'm in a hurry. I hadn't eaten breakfast; it was noon - I was hungry, so I drove through Taco Time. (Our daughter, Kristi, once made up the best song ever about Taco Time. We all used to beg her to sing it to us...something about the food makes you want to smile and the cheese stretches out about a mile...) Ironically, while I was waiting for the very few minutes for the food to be processed I was reading an article about Pioneer life and Pioneer meals. This verse was in the article:
"Rabbit young, Rabbit old,
Rabbit hot, Rabbit cold,
Rabbit tender and Rabbit tough,
Oh please, Dear Lord,
We've had enough."
from Pioneer magazine, Vol. 56, page 9
WOW, I was so struck with how easy I had it, and the incredible variety of foods that we can choose from. I drove through TT with my car and picked up something to eat. Tonight, I'll thaw some fish from the freezer and bake it in an oven...how easy is that? My errands took me to the grocery store where I bought some boneless, skinless chicken. I'll stir fry that another night with some veggies that I also picked up at the store.
I've got it easy...and I'm very, very grateful!
3. Deseret Industries - great place to drop off items that I no longer need, but that are still very usable; like a great pair of running shoes that got to be too tight for me. That, and other still-good items. I love that someone will be so excited to get a pink sweater that is new, but didn't fit me! Or, a very lovely formal blue dress to wear on a cruise. Oh, I dropped off some good stuff. Someone is going to be glad they went shopping at DI today!
4. Family History Center - I am so grateful for our 2 missions there. I dropped by to visit Elaine Booth and get some advice from her about something to do with family history. I saw several people who were there when we served our missions. They are the best people and it was fun to see them. I'm very, very grateful for that opportunity that we had to serve.
Of course, I'm grateful for lots more, but those things were in my head today.


Change We Can't Believe In Because It's Same Old!

For over forty years, I have been married to the most honest person I've ever known. He once went back into a store to return a dime or nickel that he was wrongly given as change. This year, we received a receipt from the Boy Scouts of America for a contribution of $250.oo. Normally, we give $25.00, but the receipt was in our name and it was official and it said our contribution was $250. Many people would have claimed that on their income tax saying it was the BSA's mistake, but Allen didn't think twice about tossing the receipt...he is just a totally honest person.

So, maybe that is one reason that when a politician says something, I fall for it, and BELIEVE HIM!!!! Case in point, Roland Burris - new senator from Illinois, who vehemently claimed that he had not been approached by then-governor Blagojevich about raising money to be the next Senator. Now, of course, we find out that Burris was being totally dishonest, as he was asked to raise ten thousand dollars and he told Blagojevich's brother he just couldn't get anyone to contribute! But, he's now the Senator! Disgusting and sickening!

But, what prompts this tirade is our newly elected President, whom I - until this time - have had respect for. He campaigned on the PROMISE that there would be NO MORE PORK in bills passing Congress...so much for campaign rhetoric. Not only did he push through a stupid, stupid, stupid, wasteful, incredible over-the-top stimulus package, but it also contains millions of dollars of pork!!!!!!!!!!!! Just what he said he would oppose. OINK! OINK!

So, once again, we find ourselves with lying-through-their-teeth politicians, who will say ANYTHING to get elected!

Here's my solution:

Robert Allen Hackworth for Senator or President!


Broken Toe Club

Jenni has now joined an elite group of people; those who have broken a toe...not fun!

Well, here's something I bet a lot of us didn't know; you are supposed to exercise those painful little suckers - can't we EVER get away from exercise?


Great Taste Sensation!

I've seen them; I've heard of them...

But, I had never tasted one...it just sounded too weird.

Then, I ATE one. Wow, mouth treat! Taste treat! Now, where do I get the little tasty treats?
You know, of course, that I am talking about chocolate-covered cinnamon bears! Yum, yum!


Gratitude Attitudes

Time to be grateful: I love Wordles; thanks for showing them to me Jenni. So, here's the same list just presented in a couple of different ways.

If you would like to create your own Wordle, just go to this sight and have FUN!


Bragging Rights

The following interview is taken from the PEOPLE magazine issue which will be hitting newsstands in the way distant future...the interviewer is PEOPLE magazine's ace reporter, and the interviewee is Loni Gee Hackworth. So, here in its entirety is a portion of the interview:

Q: You've had some pretty exciting happenings in your family this week, haven't you?

A: oh, yes, indeed...very exciting!

Q: Would you like to tell us about it?

A: First, I'd like to give you a little background. My mother, who was the kindest person I've ever known, always told me growing up: "It's not polite to brag about one's children."

Q: That's interesting.

A: So, as a parent, I never bragged about my kids - except to my parents - and even then, I was always very low key.

Q: Even though your mother's intentions were good, do you think this is a good parenting strategy?

A: No, I don't and I've told my children that they should brag about their kids; their kids should hear them being bragged about. Not in an overly obnoxious manner, like my uncle does with his kids until it's ad nauseum, but the children should know the parents are proud of their children.

Q: Doesn't this lead to a child being conceited?

A: I don't think so. I think it leads to having a feeling of self worth in the eyes of their parents.

Q: Well, then, how does this relate to you?

A: I didn't brag about my children to relatives, friends, neighbors, strangers, anyone; which I regret totally, and I, to this day, even though I'm getting a little better about it, feel very uncomfortable in talking about my children or grandchildren and their achievements.

Q: Can you give an example?

A: Well, this is hard, but one year ago, our grandson won a very, very prestigious scholarship - one of 12 in the nation - that hundreds and hundreds of students start out to apply for.

Q: AND???

A: So, in Relief Society, during the Good News Minute, I said something like, "Our grandson just won a Samsung twenty thousand dollar scholarship to any university of his choice." Immediately after I said that, I felt the guilt wash over me in waves. And, I said to myself, "Loni, don't ever do that again!" I felt I was bragging beyond the pale, and was embarrassed that I had said anything...which is ridiculous...like anyone cares, remembers, etc. But, those old feelings of not bragging were there.....

Q: So, in spite of what happened to you in Relief Society, are you ready to brag now?

A: Yes, in this very private arena, I'm ready to brag So, here it is!!!!

Our granddaughter, Janessa Fisher, who is a junior in high school, won the title of Miss Hurricane last night!
(This is not related in any way to Miss America and she doesn't go on to compete in other events. This is a high school pageant.)

Q: You must be very proud!

A: I'm very proud, but not just because she won. I'm proud because she is a wonderful person...she is fun, smart, happy, kind, generous, good, righteous, strong, talented, and very beautiful.

Q: You sound like every other grandmother out there.

A: Perhaps so, but I think others see her in this light also. And, she went into the pageant to have fun, and hopefully to win the talent portion which has a two hundred dollar scholarship award...(she's thinking ahead to college, you see!)

Q: Did she win any other awards?

A: As a matter of fact, she did; she won Poise and Appearance - (The MC kept referring to it as Poison Appearance), the Talent Scholarship, and the Interview Award.

Q: So, it must have been an incredible evening for you and your family.

A: It was...but as I say, she's not just beautiful on the outside, she's a very good person, so even if she hadn't won anything, she's a winner in our eyes.

Q: Considering your background about not bragging about your children or grandchildren, aren't you embarrassed now to brag about this?

A: Well, a little, yes, but I'll get over it and relish the moment and be grateful that I could have been a part of it...because you see, we live so far away from our other grandchildren - I'll rarely get to share in their joyful moments. So, I'll just enjoy this for now.

Q: Any final words?

A: Actually, yes. To all our 13 grandchildren and our five children and spouses: you don't need to win scholarships, titles, or anything for us to love you. We love you all because you are unique and wonderful. We just hope for you that you will always be the best you can be!

Cousins Coincidence

Dixie texted; she wanted to meet us for lunch. Dixie is Allen's 2 or 3 COUSIN; who knows, but anyway, they are related.  She is won...