Change We Can't Believe In Because It's Same Old!

For over forty years, I have been married to the most honest person I've ever known. He once went back into a store to return a dime or nickel that he was wrongly given as change. This year, we received a receipt from the Boy Scouts of America for a contribution of $250.oo. Normally, we give $25.00, but the receipt was in our name and it was official and it said our contribution was $250. Many people would have claimed that on their income tax saying it was the BSA's mistake, but Allen didn't think twice about tossing the receipt...he is just a totally honest person.

So, maybe that is one reason that when a politician says something, I fall for it, and BELIEVE HIM!!!! Case in point, Roland Burris - new senator from Illinois, who vehemently claimed that he had not been approached by then-governor Blagojevich about raising money to be the next Senator. Now, of course, we find out that Burris was being totally dishonest, as he was asked to raise ten thousand dollars and he told Blagojevich's brother he just couldn't get anyone to contribute! But, he's now the Senator! Disgusting and sickening!

But, what prompts this tirade is our newly elected President, whom I - until this time - have had respect for. He campaigned on the PROMISE that there would be NO MORE PORK in bills passing Congress...so much for campaign rhetoric. Not only did he push through a stupid, stupid, stupid, wasteful, incredible over-the-top stimulus package, but it also contains millions of dollars of pork!!!!!!!!!!!! Just what he said he would oppose. OINK! OINK!

So, once again, we find ourselves with lying-through-their-teeth politicians, who will say ANYTHING to get elected!

Here's my solution:

Robert Allen Hackworth for Senator or President!


Nat said...

I would DEFINITELY vote for your good, honest husband for President!

kelli said...

I would vote for him too!!

DH said...

He certainly has my vote. When can we start puttint up signs? I want one in my front yard.

Libby said...

He has our vote!!!