Making Connections

When we travel, we try to attend church wherever we are; it is not always possible, but we make an effort to go to a local ward.

Over the years, we have met:

Allen's former students,
my former students,
a former babysitter (in Russia, of all places!)

It is always so fun to make these connections, and yesterday in church was no exception.

First we met ELDER Kenzie Fogle, whose parents lived in our basement apartment when they were just married; he is as awesome as they were!

Then, after church someone mentioned that there were a couple of other ladies from Rexburg:  both were former students of mine at Madison Middle School...what a happy fun thing to see Marilee Griffeth:

and then Sarah Pack...

I just LOVE meeting all the Saints, but meeting some we have known before is an especial blessing.

Long Live TRAVEL and the Saints everywhere!

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