I Have a Question?

Recently I was with a group of children reading to them.   They asked a lot of questions.

I love their curiosity and natural inquisitiveness.   The questions were thoughtful and meaningful.... BUT, I was limited for time, so I asked them to hold all questions until the end... They complied.

Later in the afternoon as I reflected on their eagerness, I couldn't help but contrast that with a classroom of adults...adults will NOT ever ask questions....they sit stone-faced and inert.

Is it because we have, over time, squelched this inherent desire to learn that causes adults to stare rather than question? 

One afternoon several months ago, I was with a family of older and younger children.  Every time the young child asked a question, her siblings chided her saying, "Quit asking questions!  Stop being a jerk by asking so much stuff!"

It was sorrowful for me, as I could see her demeanor change and the life sort of being sucked right out of that beautiful little blonde girl. 

Questions can be annoying; but truthfully, it is because someone has asked questions that we have every great invention, every comfort, every scientific breakthrough, every medical improvement.

When questions stop being asked, it is a sad sad thing.

So, adults - particularly parents - let those little children inquire, seek, ask, explore, yearn to know.

And that reminds me, now why do we have daylight savings time???????

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