Achy Breaky Heart

My theme song.

It stays pretty constant.

So, I need a new one.

A better one.

A more hopeful one that will lift my broken spirits.

absolutely NO....

spending money this month,

except for food and gas.



One of the Most Gorgeous....

flowers ever....

Hydrangeas - now, there's a stunning flower for you!

If I had POTS of money, I would buy POTS of these incredibly stunning flowers and share them with POTS of friends.  Oh, they just thrill my soul!


Two Sides to Every Question

BI is a true disciple of family history; he is a researcher, a stickler for accuracy and keeps impeccable records.

LGH is a person who dabbles, but who likes the stories behind the names.

So, recently when LGH said it was now possible to put pictures online at family tree; BI said,

"PICTURES?  Who cares about a picture?"

Well, I am LGH and frankly, I was stunned.  Because I care about pictures.  I love seeing the pictures behind just the names.

But, then BI said, "The whole point of family history work is baptisms!  Pictures don't do anything to help in that!"

Well, he had me!  He was right...it's all about baptisms....or is it?

How about turning the hearts of the children?  For me, part of the turning was the LEARNING of their lives, their sorrows, their tragedies, and their challenges.

So, BI, you go your way and I'll go  mine.

And, we'll both be very very content with our side of the issue!

This is my great grandmother: Ella Rebecca Merrill (Kerr)  The first time I saw her picture, I nearly fainted; she was VERY large.  No wonder I'm always having a struggle with my weight!  But, aside from that, I have learned some marvelous things about this lady; she loved plays, music.  She often fed many many people in her home, she took care of the farm while her husband was away much of the time.  But, putting a FACE to her name has made her so much more real to me.  So, pictures may not get baptisms, but they get my heart to love these dear people so much more!

Equal Time: Bragging About the Boys

My mother told me on several occasions that it was not polite to brag about one's children; she had learned it from her mother.  (That was the only advice she ever gave that I don't agree with! She was perfect in every way, so it's okay that she got one teeny thing wrong!)

So, I didn't brag - to anyone - about our children.  Big Mistake!

Because, you see, if you don't brag about them...who will?  And they do so many things to brag about.

So, I'm going to brag on our sons since I posted about the daughters.

JUSTIN; recently a lady at church asked me if I was related to the famous photographer, Justin Hackworth?  That was just an incredible thrill....and the thing is, he deserves that title because he is a fantastic taker of people's photos.  He is a master at what he does....

Isn't this just such a great picture; I love the lighting, the look on her face...Justin just gets it right!
Sometimes his pictures take my breath away.  He has a way to just capture life's little moments in a big way.

So, yes, indeed, we are related to the famous photographer, Justin Hackworth!!!!!

JEREMY:  Jeremy has the most amazing disposition ever!  He's just a happy person - what a world it would be if we were all like that!  When he was just a young kid, he made up his mind to be a doctor.  And, he did it.  He never complained or diverted from the direction.  Truthfully, he is a remarkable person.  And, on an entirely different note, when he was about two years old, a friend who read facial features told us one Sunday afternoon; Jeremy has musical ears.  Well, that has been true - he has musical everything....

So, we are the proud parents of Jeremy and his musical ears!
This picture totally captures the heart and soul of Jeremy; music and happiness!

JORDAN:  Right from a young age, Jordan was so helpful to Allen and so tender-hearted towards animals.  He was a hard worker and got a job at a very young age sweeping out a neighborhood candy store.  He encouraged the owner to sell the left-over candy chips rather than toss them.  He's just a good person - easy to raise, easy to love.  

And, yes, we are proud to be the parents of Jordan Merrill Hackworth!

I'm privileged to be the mother to three incredible, talented diverse young men.  All three are great fathers in different ways, but they are good dads - good sons - good spouses.

I give thanks in my prayers for them and their lives.

And one final note to brag about:

All of our in-law children are remarkable and have been so good to Allen and me;

Thanks for all of you for accepting the Hackworth family, for being so good to us, for loving us, for sharing YOUR LIVES with us.

We love you...you deserve an entire column and you will get it, I promise!

Bragging has never really come easy for me, but at this point in my life, I'm very proud to brag about our children and you know what, I think even my mother would agree!

New Adventures on the Horizon for My Two Dear Daughters!

WOW, today is a very significant day.

Jenni left to drive to her new tiny apartment in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Kristi will walk out the door and leave behind her the year from down under.

Both will be starting new jobs shortly.
Both will have very challenging jobs and responsibilities.  Both will be making hard decisions with people's lives weighing in the balance.

Both are leaving people they have impacted and influenced and made a difference in lives.

Neither one has chosen an easy career path.  Neither one has ever shied away from hard, hard work; long hours.

For both, their hard-working careers began in the potato fields in Idaho, and in cleaning motel rooms.

Both have had challenges in their lives, yet both are strong and amazing women.  Jenni has done it all while raising four incredible children.  Kristi has had good friends along the way to encourage and strengthen her.

So, good luck on your new adventures, new plateaus, new horizons, new worlds to conquer.

You each have my deepest admiration and love.

And, you each always inspire me.

Looking Back

It hardly seems possible that two years ago, we were one month away from coming home from China; I have only the fondest of memories of that beloved place...

I forget the:
wretched heat,
biting cold,
ever-present mosquitoes,
the awful food,

and just remember how much I LOVED BEING THERE.

I loved teaching the beautiful students.

I loved the branch.

I loved Chye and Ruth.

Yes, looking back today brings a flood of warm, wonderful memories.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for that incredible experience!  It will reign supreme in my mind.


Change Is In the Air

I don't do well with change.

I like - when things are going well - for everything to remain the same.

And, so when our daughter said she was moving to NM, my world was and is,


I'm having withdrawal symptoms....weepy, heavy heart, sadness, sorrow, feeling blue.

The last seven years have been a blessing of:

shared meals,
phone calls,
get togethers,
musical presentations,
a few sorrows thrown in to keep us humble and remember God,
a wedding,
job losses,
more graduations,
eating out,
pool gatherings,
church events,
Eagle court of honor,
television moments,
lots of laughter and lots of music

And, it is all ending at seven in the morning.

I can't stop crying.

There's a wonderful scripture that says "In all things, give thanks," so I'll try to keep remembering the great blessing of sharing these past several years together.

I'll try to be grateful for the blessing of being together for those many shared events.

I'll try to be grateful for having one family close by.

And, I'll look forward to the return, but it can't come soon enough.



I am disgusted with our government.


It's only two years old.

But, I guess in the technology world, that is ancient history.

At any rate, I wanted to trade it in for a new mini IPad (I know, silly me!), but I looked up the trade-in value and it is


So incredible to me, that a 2 year old gadget that was highly sought after, often stolen - simply has no value.





Technology: It's Not for Everyone

He was in his 50's; single, no children.

AND, he was very tired of driving truck.  He wanted to do manual labor on a farm (we don't see that very often - someone actually wanting to work hard!)

So, I was looking through indeed.com; snagajob.com; ldsjobs.org; no farm or agriculture jobs.

"Let's try craigslist," I said..."sometimes they have jobs no one else does."

But, the church's computers won't bring up craigslist.com.  It's blocked for various reasons.

"Okay, we'll use the IPad."

I went to get RAH's IPad....

When I returned with it, the man stared at it and then said in all honesty..."What's that?"

Ahhhhh....I'm still smiling.

Tuesday's Sorrows

It's not even noon. 

So far today, I have heard two stories about families feuding over finances...such sorrowful stories of how money has totally divided these families.  Not speaking to each other (both Mormon families) over the inheritance.

People absolutely DESPERATE for a job:

Including the 82 year old who said he is at the end of his rope...his wife just got out of the hospital.  How do you find a job for an 82 year old?

The trucker who wants to work on a farm; we can't find a farm job.  He is willing to work hard, but we cannot find available work for him.

The psychologist who needs work.

The 50ish metal worker whose wife is very ill and he needs a JOB!

I'm beyond sorrowful...it just goes on and on.  And, it breaks my heart.

When the Cousins Get Together

It had been many many years...much too long, in fact.

So, when cousin Martel said, "Let's Get Together...we all said, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"

It was too short; we didn't get to talk enough to everyone, but it reminded me what a great wonderful family and heritage I was blessed to be a part of!

Front Row: Bill Gee (blind for many years), Tony Gee (recovering from an automobile accident and subsequent back surgery), Loni Gee Hackworth, Margo Gee Heaps; Back Row: Laurence Gee, Martel Gee ( cancer is now stable after being given 6 months to live), Preston Gee, Kaey Gee, Rosemary Gee Wall, Gavin Gee.

Two cousins are missing: Glendon, who died earlier this year and LaMont from Oklahoma.  They are all good and honorable and just plain FUN!

Here we are with our loyal, wonderful spouses (Preston's wife is Stake Camp Director, so she was unable to come.  Glendon's wife is in the picture, however.  Hooray for her for coming to be a part of the Gee Cousin Reunion.

So, here are the spouses of the GEEzer Clan:

Front Row: ShirleyHillman Gee (her husband Glendon died in Jan 2013), Barbara Lloyd Gee, Genevee Gee, LaRue Stucki Gee; Back Row: Steven Wall, Alice Gee, Shauna Bowman Gee, Libby McPhee Gee, Mel Heaps,
Allen Hackworth

Of a truth, I do love to be with my fam!


Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

Elder C was angry!  Very angry!

He could not believe what happened....

He had spent a long time helping T look for a job; a homeless man coming in to get help.  In fact, Elder C went to a personal friend who owns a car business to see if he would hire T.  His friend was willing to interview T to see if there was a fit.  T went to a couple of interviews and the employer was ready to hire him.  UNTIL...

The employer asked T about his background; T is a felon; he stole a car.

But, he had never mentioned that little bit of information to Elder C.

Elder C was so angry that T had not disclosed his background to him in the first place.  Elder C said in a disgusted voice, "What a waste of my time, my energy, my friend's time and energy!  I'm so angry that he didn't tell me in the first place about his background."

We actually see this very often; people who are not up front about their situations. 

 Like the boss who told me today about a man he had hired and sent him to get his drug test.  The man took his urine sample in to be tested.  The tester said, "No, you have to give a fresh urine sample here....."  And, the man walked out and never showed up for the job....obviously he was using the urine of a friend because he would not have not have been able to pass a drug test!

Oh, the choices we all make...the stupid, stupid, stupid choices.

But, truthfully, if you LIE, chances are, it will be found out!

So, no more lies or pants on fire, please.

Mission Monday

It was a very busy busy day; posting jobs, missionaries helping people, many people needing help from the transient bishop, learning about a liar...just all part of the job.

The homeless man in the wheelchair arrived very very early.  (Homeless people don't seem to sleep in.)  His situation seems hopeless.  It just makes me so very very sad.

The young couple who recently graduated from college are unable to find work....unreal.  Skilled, yet no prospects..the man who is losing his home because of the economy....it goes on and on.

BUT, something happened today to make me laugh - totally.

A man called and asked me to post a job; the job?!?!??!


The job I'm posting is not for tax preparation, but it is to do what this man is doing!

"Hey, mom, I just found my career: I'm a dancing sign man!"

Makes me smile.

And, I like smiling at our challenging job!

I actually love Monday mornings; I'm eager to see the marvelous missionaries....they are fun, happy, helpful, and oh so very good!

I do love these marvelous missionaries; all so very different, yet all so committed to helping the ones who need it most.

Thoughts for Today - Have a Good One!

Personal Responsibility

Long drive home from SLC.

So, we listened to a TED talk about the number one problem in America; O.B.E.S.I.T.Y.

It was a panel of experts each proclaiming what caused it and what should be done about it;

the food companies weren't doing enough,
the government wasn't stepping in,
the food is getting worse,
our bodies crave fat and sugar,
blah, blah, blah.

At the end of the discussion, one lone voice said:

"But, shouldn't we be putting some personal responsibility on the person and on the parent?

Finally, a voice of reason.

And, while they were talking about food and obesity; that one simple conclusion relates to so many things in our lives:


And, it's about time that most of us in America stepped up and took some!

Not government handouts,
not family handouts,
not whinings about our lives,

Just a very healthy dose of



Her Name is Diana...

and she has a handicapped child....

Plus three other children.

Her life is a daily, constant challenge.

Her son is about 8 or 9; he cannot eat by himself, cannot communicate, dress himself, take care of himself like other children  his age.   He makes a constant humming noise all day long.  He is awake until late at night and arises very early each day.  He needs round-the-clock care.  He's not in a wheelchair and is mobile, but his movements are sporadic and constant.  He is easily upset by a change in routine, noises, other children.

Diana's life is not easy, but she has accepted her lot in life.  She knows what lies ahead.

She carries on and lives her life as best as she can.

And, she inspires me.


It's hard to be selfish as a mother.  

Of course, there are selfish mothers out there.  

But, for the most part, mothers just give, give, give.  

There is not a lot of time during the day for them.  Kids get up very early even when they have played late into the night.  They need meals on a very regular basis, clean clothes, homework help, dance lessons, music lessons, car pooling, and a myriad of other time-consuming activities.

Oh, yes, it is hard to be a selfish mother.

So, when a person (MOI) has had several years of  being an empty nester; it's interesting to get back in the mode of MOM, as I have done this past week and for a few more days still.

No more leisure morning breakfasts over the newspaper.

No more curl up on the couch to watch a tv show.

No more time out to read a good book.

No more saying, "I'll just run in to town to do some....."

Not even time to do some house cleaning.

It's CHILD time all day long; from early morning hours til late.  It's reading, bubble blowing, meal fixing, sidewalk chalking, lessons in swimming, park playing, water playing, playing some more.  And, with BOYS, it's lots of active playing.

So, this morning, in a moment of quiet reflection (very brief indeed), I was so very grateful for the MOTHERS of my grandchildren.  It is NOT easy; it is an ALWAYS job - none of this 9 to 5 stuff. 

Truth be told, it is totally exhausting.

I'm tired.

But, I will turn them over to their parents on Sunday.  I will get back to my routine of MOI, MOI, MOI.

I will have my normal routine that focuses much on MOI.

And, I will be so very grateful for the UNSELFISH MOTHERS who are everyday, unsung heroes.


The Monday That Wasn't....

well, that's true in a way.

It wasn't a mission Monday for me.  But, RAH still went.

I'm tending kids, so I couldn't go.
Stockton giving Eli and Miles swim lessons in his gorgeous pool.  He's a fantastic teacher for kids!

But, RAH was very busy doing just what he should do:

HELP people who need it.

Here's something fun.  I was checking our credit card account and I saw that he had gone to lunch...good for him.  But, I noticed it was more money than he would have spent for one person, so I knew he had taken someone to lunch.

I was right.

It was Angel.

Now, here's the deal.  Angel is homeless.  He camps out on some mountain.  He's been coming in to the center for quite awhile.  He needs help, a job, a home, people.

And, it made me feel so proud of RAH....he is so good on this mission.  He is truly committed to helping people; the homeless, the felon, the lonely, the abandoned, the fired CPA, the old; he helps them all.  He spends time with them, he listens, he CARES.  He sometimes calls his job candidates on his off days to help them.  He shows an interest when many don't.  

Oh, he deserves that awesome title: Elder Hackworth.  

And, so while my mission Monday wasn't; RAH's definitely was!


Happy Father's Day to a Dear Father

When I was a junior in high school, I told my dad that lots of kids were trying out smoking. 

 I just wanted to try it to see what it was like, I told my dad. I quickly added that I was not going to lose my testimony and that I was not planning to leave the church. I just wanted to just test it out like a few of my friends. (Now, mind you when I was a teen, doctors were advocating smoking, ads were touting how glamorous it all was, etc. Smoking didn't have the bad rap it deserves!) 

 My dad didn't get upset, didn't beg me not to do it, just quietly said, "Loni, I've never smoked in my life either. I don't want to. But, you don't have to sneak to do it. When you are ready, come tell me and I'll go buy them for you and we'll smoke our first cigarette together." 

 I was stunned by his reaction! 

And, I also KNEW that I could never smoke and be the cause of my dear father's smoking his first cigarette. Oh, he was a wise one, that dear dad of mine. 

 He was my hero growing up and I still miss him. I realize what a great blessing the Plan of Salvation is. 

Dad, thanks for being such a great example of the Priesthood, living the Gospel, and treating my mother like the queen she was!


The Morning Smoothie...

consisted of FIVE - yes, that's right


fresh garden produce items:


All were picked this morning except the tomato which RAH picked yesterday.

Oh, he's a good gardner and it was a tasty healthy smoothie!

Add a slice of freshly made home-made whole wheat toast and it makes a might fine breakfast....



Too Hot to Play Outside....

so I'm wondering....

what did kids do years ago before IPads, IPods, Wii, XBox, televisions, etc.

Because it's a challenge to entertain young kids ALL DAY every day when it is 110 degrees outside!
Eli and Miles at the St George Water Park....great way to cool off!

Playing Dominoes on a very hot Saturday afternoon!

Helping Grandpa pick apricots from the tree


Nothing Is Worth Giving Up on Family!

Floyd is such a good good person.  He's 95 and he comes twice a week to help at the LDS Employment Center.

He was the head of the cosmetology commission of Nevada; owned apartments, was a barber and earned quite a bit of money in his lifetime.

He is headed to Hawaii in a few weeks and he's excited.

I think he is pure gold.

He has 4 children; 2 boys, 2 girls.  But, one of his daughters has disowned him.  She got very angry at him over something stupid and wanted nothing to do with him.

However, he recently gave his children their inheritance money as he didn't want them to fight over it after he died.  Even though she has had nothing to do with her father for years, he gave her her share of the money.  Floyd told me she did write and thank him.

And, I wonder, what would make a person give up on her father?  He didn't beat her, he didn't abandon her.

Of course, I only know his side of the story, but it made me sad for Floyd.  And, I realized that he was the good person in this scenario because he could have withheld his money, but he chose the higher ground.....he was fair even though she has hurt him tremendously.

When all is said and done; what we have left is family.

And, in my opine, we should work hard to maintain those ties........

Remembering China

Yesterday I gave a spiritual thought about China - it's always so fun to remember that happy time in our lives.

I look back with such incredible fondness, so here are a couple of pictures that bring back a flood of memories of those great times:
This picture totally makes me laugh; it is right behind our apartment building.  When it rained, the hillside would flood and wash the water/mud into our building on the first floor.  But, no matter what they tried to do, it was always a BIG MESS and it always still ran into the building...

The South Campus; huge campus, not very many students.  We taught here every Thursday night.  We took an hour long bus ride and taught 60 students in our sophomore classes.  The first time I went and saw the students sitting behind their computer monitors, I was shaking so badly, I couldn't write my name on the board.
Bikes parked by the little market; so many people rode bikes on the campus; healthy, healthy, healthy indeed!



I want to laugh...






I want to remember that life is actually good.

That amidst all the sorrow, there is hope and goodness and light and love and


I will laugh today.


The Hardest Ones....

for me, personally, are the mentally unstable.

I try to listen.

I try to be patient.

But, I don't know what to say, how to help them, and what to DO for them.

They need help.

Like Angel:

 He needs a place to stay...he is living in the mountains, he carries everything he owns in a gym bag.  He hesitates to put it down because he is fearful someone will "steal" his things.

I WANT to help - I truly do.

But, I don't know how. 

And it leaves me feeling ovewhelmed and sorrowful and very very sad.


the Convert

Some family and friends will no doubt be disappointed.

They may even turn their backs on him.

It was NOT an easy decision to make.

And, it has taken him a long time to come to this decision.

But, after months and months of indecision, yesterday he realized it would be better for him personally and for what he really desires in his heart.  He knows this will require new thought processes, new patterns of behaviour.  He is giving up something that has been a part of his life for a very very long time.  This new path he has chosen will NOT be easy.

Please do not judge him harshly, dear family and friends.  It is just one of those personal decisions that must be made in the quiet recesses of our hearts.

We are keenly aware that many will try to talk us out of this decision.  THINK, they will say....do you REALLY KNOW what you are trading and giving up?

However, RAH feels it is the correct path; he knows that he will live with the consequences of his decision for a very long time, but after all, agency is what we have been given in this life.

I am totally in agreement with his decision as I myself made it over a year ago.

We know that there will always be some who cannot understand this decision since we have been lifelong proponents of a far different way of life.  But, at times, it becomes necessary to give in and do what is right in our hearts....so,

Yes, we have become converts;

to Apple computers!

RAH handing over the money for his new MAC computer.....
New haircut and new computer; all in one day; it's overwhelming!


Well, so Much for That Good Idea

I had such a great idea; or at least I thought it was.

And, then I tried to implement it, and it totally fizzled.


I don't like failing.


Money Talks

I love to visit B & B.

They are unlike any people I have ever encountered before.

They were heavy smokers until two years ago when his doctor refused to operate on his back until he quit smoking....so he and his wife quit cold turkey.

They drink vodka every night and probably start drinking around 4 or 5...not sure when exactly, except that when I go there in the late afternoon, the bottles are on the counter.

For fun, they drive to Mesquite about three or four times a week to gamble.

When they moved next door, they had 4 dogs; now they are down to 2 and it is very hard on them both; they love their dogs.  She gets emotional talking about them.

B & B worked for the Disney corporation and the movie industry.  Their pensions are fantastic.

They have a great deal of money.  Now, how would I know that?!?!?  Because occasionally they tell me bits and pieces of their financial situations.

They have a good income, have a lot in savings and in stocks and bonds.  Today, B said to me, "If you knew how much money we have stashed, you would be shocked!"  He then told me how much they have in the stock market and that they had made $8000 today.  (As a point of reference, I probably made $8.00 today!)

(They both make me laugh because B said she isn't going to buy anything more.  She has a closet FILLED with clothes, many of them still in plastic with the tags on them. )

So, I said, "You need to start spending some of your money....now, let's see, what can you buy?"

"What do I need?" B asked......

"Well, let's see...." I couldn't think of anything.  They have a new huge big screen TV; they drive a nice car, live in a nice home, have a maid once a week, a dog groomer once a month, lawn service.  They are very generous with their children and grandchildren from his previous marriage.  She told me today that from their first paychecks, they have been savers and that is very obvious.

Anyway, it's always interesting to get to talk to B & B, especially when they tell me about their money...makes me smile.

And, I say, good for them.

Polar Opposite


M loves bright colors, new clothes, and lots and lots of jewelry.  She doesn't mind cheap jewelry.  She likes to get new, fashionable items, so buys inexpensive, thus allowing her to always have the latest kind.  And, she buys a lot

S, on the other hand, doesn't have a lot of jewelry, but what she has is expensive and classy.  She likes yellow gold and diamonds.  She showed me a piece of jewelry yesterday that cost $650 just for the chain alone.  On the chain was a very stunning pink gold dolphin with little real diamonds.

They each have a style and I say hooray for their individual styles.


D's home is filled with items; she is always buying things to decorate and change up her home.  Every space is filled - tastefully - with items she has bought or collected or gathered.  Her home is extremely neat and tidy, so it doesn't give the appearance of clutter, but it is filled with "stuff."

L told me recently that she doesn't need anything, doesn't buy anything, and is working hard to downsize her entire lifestyle.  She wants to eliminate things; clothes, books, knick knacks, etc.  Her goal is to streamline her life.

In each of these cases, the women are polar opposites; neither one is right or wrong.  And, each has found their niche and what they are comfortable with.

I like the idea of being just who you are.


Here's the Skinny...

Stephanie is very slender.

Marilyn is very slender.

And, they both EAT very very slowly.

I've read that eating slower is healthy and can aid in weight loss/maintenance.

Watching Marilyn and Stephanie I can believe it.

I'm sure that genetics plays a big part also, but for both of them, they take a very long time enjoying and savoring their food.

I'll try harder to eat slowly.  Seems wise.  And healthy.

Here's to S L O W eating.

When Your Husband is a Fisherman!

No room for food; just WORMS...hee hee.


If Only I Knew....

we made a difference at all....(I think all missionaries have these same thoughts during their missions; it is not unique to just me.)

That was the thought in my heart very early this morning.

I was thinking about our mission.  About the sad stories, the people, the despair, the desire to get a job, the few jobs out there, the heartbreaking stories every day.

 I just thought about what we do every Monday and Tuesday and truly wondered if we made any difference at all.

Then the day went on in earnest....laundry, exercise, errands, busy stuff.  I was invited to a jewelry party in the evening, so I went.

The man selling looked familiar.  "Didn't you come into the LDS Employment Center?" I asked.

He had.

"What has happened since I saw you?" I asked.

"Well, the day I was in the LDS Employment Center, a missionary there said he knew someone in his ward who might need my help in his business."

It started coming back to me.  "Do you work for Dan Purcell (a programmer in my ward)?"  I asked...yes the man said he did.

"That missionary was my husband!" I declared.

"Well, I work for Dan; it's worked out great.  I really like him and he allows me to get off work in the early afternoon to be able to do this side gig."

As I continued talking to him I recalled my thoughts of earlier in the morning.  It was incredible!  It was such a response in answer to my unspoken prayer.  I was humbled and grateful.

Being truthful, this doesn't happen often; in fact, too infrequently.  We rarely know the results of the people we send out on interviews, if the people we work with get jobs, if their lives are changed at all.

But, for one brief moment today and for one young father, I realized that what goes on at the LDS Employment Center does make a difference.


Tuesday Trivia

Just exactly what DOES it look like at the LDS Employment office on a busy Tuesday morning?

In these pictures, you will see:

 part-time missionaries
full-time missionaries
a lady who escaped a polygamist sect
a man who hasn't missed going to the temple once a month for 22 years
a lady with a serious brain tumor
a man recently fired desperately looking for a job
a man who was let go after 22 years as a school counselor
a woman who is an incredible nurturer to older people
a woman whose home you can eat off the floors it is so clean
a man who loves golf
two widows
two successful businessmen
a woman who has a purse for every outfit
two men who love to fish
men and women dedicated to serving the LORD.


Mission Monday

Sad stories all around:

the father of six, including a newborn son after five daughters, who went to work one day as a CPA, and at ten to five on a Friday, he was let go after working for the company for seven years.

The young man who was rejected over his on-line application to Wal*Mart and wondered how he could fill it out to his advantage because they keep rejecting him.

The man who finally gave up looking for a job and said to me on the phone, "I'll never be able to work again."

Or the lady in her 50's who was laid off by a big firm who started laying off employees because of the Obama health-care.

These are just some of the stories I heard today.  

And, it overwhelms me.  Again.


It's a Puzzle....

...why some people's lives are fraught with tragedy, sorrow, misfortunes, challenges.

These people are often good, kind, living the Gospel; but everything seems to go awry for them.

But for some; their lives are happy, pleasant, with just a tiny bump in the road and no real major upsets in their entire lifetime.

Life really isn't fair, is it?

Cousins Coincidence

Dixie texted; she wanted to meet us for lunch. Dixie is Allen's 2 or 3 COUSIN; who knows, but anyway, they are related.  She is won...