Personal Responsibility

Long drive home from SLC.

So, we listened to a TED talk about the number one problem in America; O.B.E.S.I.T.Y.

It was a panel of experts each proclaiming what caused it and what should be done about it;

the food companies weren't doing enough,
the government wasn't stepping in,
the food is getting worse,
our bodies crave fat and sugar,
blah, blah, blah.

At the end of the discussion, one lone voice said:

"But, shouldn't we be putting some personal responsibility on the person and on the parent?

Finally, a voice of reason.

And, while they were talking about food and obesity; that one simple conclusion relates to so many things in our lives:


And, it's about time that most of us in America stepped up and took some!

Not government handouts,
not family handouts,
not whinings about our lives,

Just a very healthy dose of


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