Equal Time: Bragging About the Boys

My mother told me on several occasions that it was not polite to brag about one's children; she had learned it from her mother.  (That was the only advice she ever gave that I don't agree with! She was perfect in every way, so it's okay that she got one teeny thing wrong!)

So, I didn't brag - to anyone - about our children.  Big Mistake!

Because, you see, if you don't brag about them...who will?  And they do so many things to brag about.

So, I'm going to brag on our sons since I posted about the daughters.

JUSTIN; recently a lady at church asked me if I was related to the famous photographer, Justin Hackworth?  That was just an incredible thrill....and the thing is, he deserves that title because he is a fantastic taker of people's photos.  He is a master at what he does....

Isn't this just such a great picture; I love the lighting, the look on her face...Justin just gets it right!
Sometimes his pictures take my breath away.  He has a way to just capture life's little moments in a big way.

So, yes, indeed, we are related to the famous photographer, Justin Hackworth!!!!!

JEREMY:  Jeremy has the most amazing disposition ever!  He's just a happy person - what a world it would be if we were all like that!  When he was just a young kid, he made up his mind to be a doctor.  And, he did it.  He never complained or diverted from the direction.  Truthfully, he is a remarkable person.  And, on an entirely different note, when he was about two years old, a friend who read facial features told us one Sunday afternoon; Jeremy has musical ears.  Well, that has been true - he has musical everything....

So, we are the proud parents of Jeremy and his musical ears!
This picture totally captures the heart and soul of Jeremy; music and happiness!

JORDAN:  Right from a young age, Jordan was so helpful to Allen and so tender-hearted towards animals.  He was a hard worker and got a job at a very young age sweeping out a neighborhood candy store.  He encouraged the owner to sell the left-over candy chips rather than toss them.  He's just a good person - easy to raise, easy to love.  

And, yes, we are proud to be the parents of Jordan Merrill Hackworth!

I'm privileged to be the mother to three incredible, talented diverse young men.  All three are great fathers in different ways, but they are good dads - good sons - good spouses.

I give thanks in my prayers for them and their lives.

And one final note to brag about:

All of our in-law children are remarkable and have been so good to Allen and me;

Thanks for all of you for accepting the Hackworth family, for being so good to us, for loving us, for sharing YOUR LIVES with us.

We love you...you deserve an entire column and you will get it, I promise!

Bragging has never really come easy for me, but at this point in my life, I'm very proud to brag about our children and you know what, I think even my mother would agree!

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