Mission Monday

It was a very busy busy day; posting jobs, missionaries helping people, many people needing help from the transient bishop, learning about a liar...just all part of the job.

The homeless man in the wheelchair arrived very very early.  (Homeless people don't seem to sleep in.)  His situation seems hopeless.  It just makes me so very very sad.

The young couple who recently graduated from college are unable to find work....unreal.  Skilled, yet no prospects..the man who is losing his home because of the economy....it goes on and on.

BUT, something happened today to make me laugh - totally.

A man called and asked me to post a job; the job?!?!??!


The job I'm posting is not for tax preparation, but it is to do what this man is doing!

"Hey, mom, I just found my career: I'm a dancing sign man!"

Makes me smile.

And, I like smiling at our challenging job!

I actually love Monday mornings; I'm eager to see the marvelous missionaries....they are fun, happy, helpful, and oh so very good!

I do love these marvelous missionaries; all so very different, yet all so committed to helping the ones who need it most.

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