Two Sides to Every Question

BI is a true disciple of family history; he is a researcher, a stickler for accuracy and keeps impeccable records.

LGH is a person who dabbles, but who likes the stories behind the names.

So, recently when LGH said it was now possible to put pictures online at family tree; BI said,

"PICTURES?  Who cares about a picture?"

Well, I am LGH and frankly, I was stunned.  Because I care about pictures.  I love seeing the pictures behind just the names.

But, then BI said, "The whole point of family history work is baptisms!  Pictures don't do anything to help in that!"

Well, he had me!  He was right...it's all about baptisms....or is it?

How about turning the hearts of the children?  For me, part of the turning was the LEARNING of their lives, their sorrows, their tragedies, and their challenges.

So, BI, you go your way and I'll go  mine.

And, we'll both be very very content with our side of the issue!

This is my great grandmother: Ella Rebecca Merrill (Kerr)  The first time I saw her picture, I nearly fainted; she was VERY large.  No wonder I'm always having a struggle with my weight!  But, aside from that, I have learned some marvelous things about this lady; she loved plays, music.  She often fed many many people in her home, she took care of the farm while her husband was away much of the time.  But, putting a FACE to her name has made her so much more real to me.  So, pictures may not get baptisms, but they get my heart to love these dear people so much more!


Ms. Fish said...

I'm with you!!

Ms. Fish said...

I love this phrase: part of the turning was the learning... Great thought. Great writing.