New Adventures on the Horizon for My Two Dear Daughters!

WOW, today is a very significant day.

Jenni left to drive to her new tiny apartment in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Kristi will walk out the door and leave behind her the year from down under.

Both will be starting new jobs shortly.
Both will have very challenging jobs and responsibilities.  Both will be making hard decisions with people's lives weighing in the balance.

Both are leaving people they have impacted and influenced and made a difference in lives.

Neither one has chosen an easy career path.  Neither one has ever shied away from hard, hard work; long hours.

For both, their hard-working careers began in the potato fields in Idaho, and in cleaning motel rooms.

Both have had challenges in their lives, yet both are strong and amazing women.  Jenni has done it all while raising four incredible children.  Kristi has had good friends along the way to encourage and strengthen her.

So, good luck on your new adventures, new plateaus, new horizons, new worlds to conquer.

You each have my deepest admiration and love.

And, you each always inspire me.


Jordan said...

Good luck to them!

Ms. Fish said...

You give me way too much credit. I cannot compare one iota to what Kristi has done. But thank you for your kind words. I want to bring honor to my parents and grandparents.