Technology: It's Not for Everyone

He was in his 50's; single, no children.

AND, he was very tired of driving truck.  He wanted to do manual labor on a farm (we don't see that very often - someone actually wanting to work hard!)

So, I was looking through indeed.com; snagajob.com; ldsjobs.org; no farm or agriculture jobs.

"Let's try craigslist," I said..."sometimes they have jobs no one else does."

But, the church's computers won't bring up craigslist.com.  It's blocked for various reasons.

"Okay, we'll use the IPad."

I went to get RAH's IPad....

When I returned with it, the man stared at it and then said in all honesty..."What's that?"

Ahhhhh....I'm still smiling.


Amy said...

Wow! So interesting to think that some people are living real lives without technology! Pretty amazing these days. He must have been blown away!

Justin said...

I don't want to seem naive, but that is just hard to believe a person living in this country has not seen one of those.