Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Me!

Who Knew?

That at my age, weight is still such a H.U.G.E.  issue.

No pants fit.

No skirts fit.

And, I still like a good cookie, brownie, piece of chocolate, etc.

I thought I would not have to be worrying about this at my age.

Oh, it's discouraging.

My mother ate like a bird; she hardly ate anything.

Yet, she was big at the time of her demise.

Genetically speaking, both my parents come from VERY BIG people.

It's discouraging.

I'll try the gum diet; I've tried it before - unsuccessfully.

By GUM, I can do it!


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes it's very hard to make a decision...

red shoes,
brown shoes?



So, we have a few things to talk about and decide....

stay tuned.


My Personal Best

A great deal of the time it's really just a matter of luck:

IF you get high counter letters....

IF you get a double or triple word space....

Here both of those factors combined to get me a one-time score that is my personal best:

I don't mean to brag, but can you see that it is 141 points??!?!

You will notice that I also have two other very high counters in the tray: Q, X.

So, for this game, the opponent is unlikely to beat me...luck of the draw, as I say.


Pillow Talk

The talk is all about the pillows...

the number of pillows, that is.

For you see, fashion dictates a large number. 

Which means that I, of course, would want what fashion dictates.

RAH wants one - and one only - to rest his weary head.  He gets frustrated each night throwing off pillow after pillow...and besides, he says...."Who ever sees our bed and bedroom with all those pillows?"

Not our bedroom,
illustration purposes only.
our bed is now minus MOST of our decorative pillows......

Such challenges in a relationship...ah, me........


All in Favor of the E-Reader!

The speaker left no doubt as to her feelings;

the e-reader is evil.  

I can understand her feelings, but I am in love, and she just can't convince me.

Yesterday, I had to wait in a fairly lengthy line.  Normally, I would be annoyed, upset, disgusted.

But, I just pulled out my phone with the Kindle app and started reading.  And, then, actually, the line moved TOO quickly!

It's so convenient, so handy, so ever present.  If I can carry a purse, I can carry my e-reader.

People say it can never replace the thrill of opening a book; well, there is that.  That is a feeling I have loved for many years.

But, it can certainly replace having to lug around a 900 page book (Charles Dickens type book!)

So, to each his own.

For me, my own choice is fervently an e-reader...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to my Kindle.

Breakfast for the Busy College Student

Fruit/spinach smoothie with a bagel.  This is what ShE eats a lot of mornings.  She says she likes it.

I just told her the story of my mother's college experience with eating.

She was dished out a couple of tablespoons of hot mush every morning at her uncle's home.  When she arrived home from school in the later afternoon, she was starving and just wanted to eat.  But, unless she was offered something, she didn't get anything.   It was not a pleasant time or memory for my dear mother.

I don't want Daisy to feel that way at all at our home...so eat up, sweetie, whatever you see/want; it's yours!


Happy Chinese New Year

I'm remembering what we were doing exactly one year ago; fun, fun memories indeed!
I have such fond memories of our stay in China....
What a great blessing and opportunity that was for both of us!

Loads of Chinese goods for sale to help celebrate the NEW YEAR!

Little Wing, one of Allen's students took us around ; it was a perfect day.  She just emailed Allen a picture of the dragon in honor of this year's Year of the Dragon.  Oh, she was a dear one, that Little Wing!

Pick your dinner!

Every restaurant was SUPER crowded as families came to share in the joy of the New Year!

So, what happens in a family when there are twins?  Double the fun!


Going Green

Everyone's jumping on the bandwagon...

the word is all about


So, of course, I wanted to join in the fun.  (Thanks, Carisa, for the motivation.)
Yup, that's right, Allen and I are part of the green smoothie revolution.  

Here are some of the veggies we have used:


It's not as tasty as a pepperoni pizza, but it sure is healthy!

Or, so they say.


The Learning Curve

It was such a thoughtful gift.

I have it right next to the chocolates from J & J.  

I wear the UV jacket  from Kro; wrapped in the cozy warm blanket from J & A to keep warm, while I'm working on it.

But, dear RJ; there's a lot to learn here!

Thanks for setting it all up, and giving me a few basic lessons....

My new motto:

I do love Apples!


Who Knew? Not I!

Kristi once told me that she just plays around with letters....

So, here I am playing around with letters to come up with the word:

Never heard of it.  Have no clue what it means.

But, hey, it was worth 99 points...no complaints in this department.

A Blast From the Past

My cousin sent me this picture today;

totally made me smile....

Yep, it's ROMNEY FOR PRES all right; 

just a totally different generation!

This is Mitt Romney's father, George, kicking off his presidential campaign in New Hampshire at my cousin's home.  My cousin, Glendon, is right next to George Romney.

I'm lovin it...how fun is this?


Thirteen Things to Be Grateful For on Friday 13

In no specifc order of relevance:

1.  Home that is paid for
2.  Income
3.  America
4.  Car that works
5.  Family/friends
6.  Good Husband
7.  Senses: eyesight, mobility, hearing, touch, taste
8.  Gadgets and Gizmos to make life so much easier
9.  Living in this little corner of Southern Utah
10. Adequate food and water
11. God's incredibly beautiful earth
12. A Mind; it's getting very forgetful, but it's still a little bit there.
13.  MOST IMPORTANT: Saviour, Gospel, Scriptures

So many things to be thankful for; 13 is just a start.

From the Sunday Files

Totally made me laugh when I came across this in my Sunday journal....obviously I wasn't feeling the spirit much this day!


Gratitude Attitude

"I'll never give that family another thing!" she told me one afternoon.

"I gave the son a gift for the wedding, and I ain't never heard nothin' bout it!"

She is the most generous neighbor I have ever encountered. 

We simply cannot outgift her.

She has brought us:
fresh fruit,
entire dinners,

But, she also has reminded me how important it is to say those two little words that mean a lot:


So, Thank you, Barbara for your many kindnesses to us over the last two years.

Thank you, family, for your wonderful Christmas gifts.

Thank you, Allen, for being such a good man.

And, thank you, Heavenly Father, for a wonderful world.


New Best Friend

It's not pretty....it's not something to be shown in public..it's not for everyone...but it has been PERFECTADEMENTE for me.

Since about April 2011, I have suffered greatly with plantar fasciitis.  I have tried various things to help with the heel pain; exercises, medicines, shoe insert made specifcally to fit my foot, etc.  Nothing seemed to help.

But, one plane flight, I saw this advertised in the skymall catalogue.  It seemed ridiculous that something like this could possibly help, so I didn't order it.  How could sleeping with this thing on a foot make any difference....I discounted it.

The pain continued unabated....it was so hard to just simply walk around.  So, I broke down and ordered this silly looking contraption, which I wear at night.

The difference in my morning foot pain is just amazing and incredible.

So, it may be a placebo, but I'm sticking to it.


San Diego - Basketball

Practice twice a week; games once a week...
Multiply that by two boys and that's a lot of basketball every week.

San Diego - Leiutenant Commander

Ah, those hansome men in uniform!


San Diego - Threesome

Don't California and In-n-Out Burgers just go hand-in-hand?

Of course, they do.

There they are; three handsome, mighty fine young men.


And one last one of Sayre enjoying his burger....

San Diego - Lieutenant Commander

He doesn't wear his uniform very often, but when he does, he looks mighty sharp!

San Diego; Shoes for Sale

Ouch, I feel my feet hurting already.


San Diego...Wish You Were Here

I Love San Diego;
fun on every corner,
and did I mention, WEATHER?

Thanks to Jeremy I am Now a NEW.....


Well, I will be when we get home to Utah!

Thanks so much, Jeremy and Carisa.  I can hardly wait.

NOTE  (RAH has informed me in no uncertain terms, that I can't go to him for help!)


The Telephone Call

"Is Loni there?" the lady on the other end of the phone asked RAH.

Now, here is what I WISH could have been said:

"No, I'm sorry, but she just ran outside to give CPR to a little boy who fell off his scooter."


"She's on the other line with her publisher...they are trying to finish up her latest novel which comes out next month."

or even this would be good....

"Actually, she's out in the barn helping with a new-born calf that was having problems."

or perhaps...

"She's helping our grandson learn to play Handel's Hallelujah chorus on the piano."

But in actuality, what he HAD to say was this....

"Well, she's taking a nap right now."

Ouch, that stings.


Feeling Grateful

2011 - a year from the past.

Maybe some day we'll remember it as the good old days.

And, yes, there were many good days...it's true.

So, that's what I want to focus on today...the good days of 2011:

Eli's baptism
Carisa, Alyson, and Kaelyn's baptism
the entire family together for Thanksgiving 2011
Trips to Virignia, Florida, Massachusetts, South Carolina,
Completing our assignment in China
Sean coming home from his mission
Jenni's graduation with her doctorate in nursing.
My heart fills with gratitude at the many blessings of this year.

Thank you, Heavenly Father for the gift of LIFE.

Now, let's hear it for 2012!

Cousins Coincidence

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