Weekly Adventures with the Sunbeams

Lesson: LOVE - we should love everyone, even people who treat us badly.

Children listen, participate in game, enjoy book on Ipad of Heber J Grant and the red coat which he gave away.

Closing prayer over, waiting for parents to come…

M says as she waves her LOVE handout: “I love everybody, but my cousin C…I HATE my cousin….I put a hex on her!  She spits water at me.”

(A 4 year old knows about putting a hex on someone?!?!??!?  I’m still laughing at that!)

I respond: “You should love her, even if she spits at you….just ask her nicely to quit.”

“I HATE her.”

So much for the lesson on LOVE to the 4 year olds.


Dinner Plans

Menu for Saturday night with 4 couples:

Fresh baked Sour Dough Bread
Baked chicken with apricot sauce
Fresh Green Salad w glazed pecans and fresh strawberries
Home-Made Double Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream 

"Hello, Marge, this is Gwendolyn.  I'd like to invite you and your husband to dinner Saturday night."

"Oh, that sounds wonderful.  Can I bring anything?"

"No, I was actually planning to try out some new recipes, so I'll do it all."

"That's so thoughtful.  Oh, by the way, Herb can't have anything with gluten, but I'm sure you can find plenty of things to make without using any flour.  He shouldn't even be in a room where there has been any flour baking at all."

Fresh baked Sour Dough Bread

"Hello, Dixie, Gwendolyn here....I wanted to invite you and Doody for dinner on Saturday; I'm trying out some new recipes."

"Oh my goodness; aren't y'all sweet?  We'd love to come and I can bring something, but Doody just found out he has a nut allergy.  That's why he has been having such terrible headaches the last 50 years!  But he can't eat in a HOUSE that has had nuts in it in the last 48 hours either; so maybe you could clear your home of all nuts by then!"

Fresh Green Salad w glazed pecans and fresh strawberries

"Hi, Wanita, I'd like to invite you and William Jr for a dinner on Saturday evening.  I'll do everything, so just come and enjoy!"

"Oh, Gwendolyn...that sounds lovely and I know what a great cook you are.  Did I tell you that Will Jr.'s doctor just told him he can't have ANY kind of meat?  Or fish, but we'll have whatever else you are planning.  Hopefully, you won't be having meat that might possibly end up touching his skin or be on the plate of the person next to him.

Baked chicken with apricot sauce

"Audrey, want to come for dessert on Saturday night?"

"Oh, gee, Gwendolyn, Josiah and I just gave up eating all sweets; we don't eat anything with sugar or flour or nuts or fruit or pretty much anything else in it, but kale.  Were you planning to serve kale or kale chips?  Hopefully that could be part of the dinner menu!"

Home-Made Double Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream

"Hey sweetie, looks like we'll be having lemon water for dinner on Saturday...oh wait - no fruit....I mean WATER!"


My LOVE/HATE Relationship With Facebook

Okay, here's the deal:

Facebook is a time guzzler.

It's a sucker-up of TIME.

I do not like that.


on the other hand:

I'm in touch with former students,

a Chinese student,

a former exchange student from Malaysia from 30 years ago,


friends from different communities,

friends in my neighborhood where I find out the news, which I wouldn't otherwise even know about: like the Franks are in England!  (Who knew, but NOW, I KNOW, and I'm glad to know!)

I wish they had a Reader's Digest Condensed Version

of Facebook.


I Should Have Asked More Questions.....

Like these:

to my mother:

Where did you get this lovely goblet set?

How did you happen to come by this marvelous German tea set?

What is the story behind all your lovely figurines that you got while living in Europe?

What frightened you the most about your stay in Germany right after the war?

(There are many more, but that's just a sampling!)

to my grandmother on my father's side:

How did your two siblings die so young?

How was it to marry your teacher?

What was it like to grow up in your home being the eldest with so many siblings?

to my grandmother on my mother's side:

What do you remember MOST about my dear mother?

to my father:

What was it like living in Post-WWII Germany?

What was your most frightening flying experience?

You were a successful attorney; would you do it all over again?

Oh, I wish I knew these answers.


The Problem With Fancy Fingernails....

oh, sure, they look great!

They look feminine and lovely and so nice for a wedding, or two.

BUT, and it's a huge BUT,

they make typing extremely difficult.

Mine don't look quite this glitzy, but you get the idea.  Way too long to type!

So, that's just one reason that

I HOPE these dang fake nails grow out and go away....

very quickly!

The Art or Talent of Saying No

I can't say NO.

I need to learn how to say that word.

At 70, you'd think I would be able to say it.

But, I can't.

Consequently, I get myself into some difficult straits.

Perhaps I just need to practice:

No, I'm sorry, but I won't be able to do that.

It won't be possible for me at this time.

Sorry, but I am not able to right now.

Perhaps you could ask me again in ten years or so.

Who am I kidding?

It just ain't gonna happen!

But, on the other hand; I suppose it's good to be of service.



It took me a lot of years to figure RAH out.

And, by that I mean the nature of his personality.

But, when I finally figured it out;

I nailed it.

He's a FOCUSED person.

A few years ago, he decided to write a couple of books on some early pioneers and early history.

He lasered in and that was his FOCUS for that year.

Everything he talked about, every trip he took, almost every conversation was FOCUSED on his project.

After that, it was music.  

Last summer, it was working on the yard.

This summer, it was on catching the Kokanee salmon.

Again, with laser-like focus, he works on one over-riding theme.

He has focused on jewelry making, yard work, building a home, music, designing software for his classes, fishing, writing a guitar lesson book, family history, photography....

He's a man of MANY, MANY TALENTS.

Just - 



Time: A Very Precious Commodity!

The appointment was for 5:15.

I arrived at 5:10.

K arrived at 5:25.

B forgot we were coming, so she wasn't there.

Now, here's the thing:  K has five little children, expecting her 6th....it was a struggle for her to get away; her baby didn't want her to leave.

B has four teenagers....she is an involved and good mom ushering them to practices, lessons, appointments, etc.

Both are so incredibly busy.

So, to have just one more thing to squeeze in, is a challenge.  And, I'm sorry about that.

But, we have been asked to do it, so I do.

Ah, Visiting Teaching; never really easy.

Celebrating 50 Years

My parents lived in Pocatello, Idaho for many many years.

During that time, my father devoted his life, time, career to serving the community and the church.

My mother was also involved in community and church work.

They were both quite well known around the town.

But after many years, a career change took them to Virginia for a couple of years, then to California, and finally to Salt Lake City, where they lived out their wonderful lives.

As their 50th wedding anniversary approached, the siblings all encouraged them to have a celebration in their beloved Pocatello, Idaho.

My parents were vehement.


No one would remember them, they said; no one would come, they said.

But gradually, we began to break them down and get them to agree to a celebration at their former church.  

Mother was worried about what to wear and how to fix her hair (she looked gorgeous!).  Dad was worried that we would have all that food and no one would come (we portably ran out of food so many people came!).  

Their worries were for naught.

People came in throngs to see their dear friends, Merrill and Dorothy Gee, formerly of Pocatello.

They laughed, they talked about old times, they brought cards of remembrances and love.

It was just an incredible evening.

My parents glowed with the love they felt from their dear friends, neighbors, co-workers, church members, school board members, community leaders.

It was - in short - a perfect evening.

And, I've ALWAYS been grateful we carried through with that event.


The Ugly Duckling

When I first saw the baby, I was quite frankly; stunned.

She was .....

Well, in a word


Or, maybe just funny looking.

I couldn't honestly say to her mother...(which I say to a lot of new mothers...)

"She's so beautiful."

Instead I said something like,

"Look at that dark hair; there's so much of it."

How could I say to the new mother; she is just...

Well, ODD LOOKING.....

And, then, she began to grow.....

Like babies do.

But, she also began to grow


As a toddler, her face was enchanting, beguiling, with a sort of wistful look all the time.

She has the most unusual and intriguing color of eyes.

She has a sprinkling of tiny freckles across the bridge of her nose.

Her hair is almost jet black.

She's about 9 or perhaps 10 now, and when I saw her recently, I was struck by her beauty.

She has a decidedly spunky, fun, independent personality.

And she is


Cousins Coincidence

Dixie texted; she wanted to meet us for lunch. Dixie is Allen's 2 or 3 COUSIN; who knows, but anyway, they are related.  She is won...