The Berlin Brogue

Beginning in January of 1947, when I was almost three, my father, mother, older brother and I lived for two years in Augsberg and Wiesbaden, Germany.   Apparently my brother and I became quite proficient in German…because I just came across this article in the Boise, Idaho newspaper from 1949.  We had just returned from our adventures living abroad.  

According to the article, my brother and I had “Mastered the Berlin Brogue.”  

Another article in the Deseret News says that “ the two acted as interpreters for their mother on shopping tours….”

Okay, well, will that “Berlin Brogue”  kick back in 66 years later?  Because today, my husband and I begin a grand adventure in Germany for one month.  

And, I’m expecting to be able to recall all that German from those many years ago!  Ha Ha!


Sean Graduates from BYU

Sean and his lovely wife, Lisa, at the dean's reception for Information Systems from the BYU Marriott School of Business.

From the printed program; a GAPING ERROR: wrong person listed as the outstanding graduate student!
It was won by a SEAN alright, but not S M T, but rather SEAN DAVID FISHER!
Oops, but Sean was gracious and humble...what a guy!
From his Graduate Years
From his undergraduate Years; Summa Cum Laude

Jenni and Janessa drink a toast to Sean's many accomplishments.  

And on another note;

A poignant moment with Uncle Brent and nephew, Calder.  So sweet and tender.

A temple open house celebration in Payson, Utah....Indescribably lovely.


Hey, Grandma....

...you are always telling us how important a good breakfast is....

So, what did you have for breakfast this morning?

Glad you asked.

I had a half of a pear that was NOT very delicious at all.

Two pecans.

One bite of a coconut Larrabar Health Bar.

Three almonds.

And a banana that was very delicious.

Perfect, right?

Ooops, I almost forgot.

Two Lay's Original Potato Chips.

Okay now, that's it.


Getting Ready

It's hard to know what to do....

One month away from our home.

So, what should I be doing?

I've called the banks, insurance agent, credit card companies, told the neighbors, figured out clothing essentials.

But, what am I missing here?

Well, here's the deal....

If I didn't do it.

Too bad.


Remind Me When I'm 78....

...to buy a three-wheeled bicycle.

I'd like it...a lot.

I used to ride my bike a lot when I was younger.

But, now I have terrible balance.

And, I seem just a TAD too young for a three-wheeler right now.

So, give me seven years.

And, I'll be so ready for a jazzy three-wheeler.


Happiness Is..

Seeing someone you love being happy.

And, thus it is;

One year ago, RAH bought a very small trailer; he spent most of last summer in Manila, Utah getting lots of fishing time in.  I was there with him for part of the time; two sons joined him for a few days, Janessa was with us for about five days; it was all good.

Allen in the doorway with the new owner of his previous camper...

But, he wasn't totally satisfied with his "LITTLE" trailer.  It was cramped and crowded for him, he said.  When he found a little bit bigger one, he was able to sell this one.

When he saw this one, he snatched it up the day it was posted on KSL.

And, he is a HAPPY CAMPER...quite literally.

Many years ago, RAH told me how he just loves to see people having a good time.

And, over the last few days, I've enjoyed seeing RAH so happy as he fixes up, puts away, figures out the many features of his NEW TOY.

Ah, it's a joyous thing indeed, to see someone you love so very happy!


Cute Primary Kids

Bree West wrote this note during Sharing Time yesterday;

warmed the Cockles of my heart!


Dear Dad

Happy Birthday!

The day you were born the world became a much brighter, happier, better place.

You would never really understand or agree with this, but, dear Father, you made such a difference in so many peoples' lives.

You gave so generously of your time for community, church, family.

I wish we had kept track of how many funerals you sang or spoke at.  It would be in the dozens and dozens.

I once met a lady who didn't know you personally, but who wanted you to sing at her funeral.

In South Carolina, years after your mission there, we met a woman who said you helped heal a town with your words after the murder of a ward member.

Some of my fondest memories involve little things that you did for us as kids that remind me how unselfish, giving, kind, thoughtful, generous, and good you always were.  It just came naturally to you to be so good.

I've let you down many times, but, you always shine as a beacon of truth, righteousness, and goodness.....thank you for the happy childhood.

I honor you on this day.


Dear Mother

...you cannot imagine how often I think of you.

But especially during the spring and summer.

Because that is when the flowers are bursting out everywhere.

I have gown to LOVE flowers.

There can never be enough flowers to satisfy my love of their color, vibrancy, uniqueness, loveliness, and the joy they bring.

But, mostly, I think I love them BECAUSE YOU DID!

I wish that I had paid more attention to the flowers in our yard in Pocatello.  I know you worked so hard to have them blooming all summer long.  You had so many varieties all over.  And, you did it all yourself.  I have Allen who does the yard work.  He does all the heavy lifting, planting, moving, landscaping.  And, I am more than grateful.

But, it is YOU who taught me the joys of plants, green, and colorful flowers.

I can't wait to tell you that when I see you, dear wonderful Mother!


Why I Love Our Neighborhood

The kids in our neighborhood are FUN,

and GREAT,

and delightful.

Now, don't these two pictures just show why I love living here?


Broken Hearts: Shattered Dreams - and the Atonement

The details of the stories were always a little different,

But, the end line was the same.

Broken heart; shattered dreams.

The stories were from people we met while serving on our mission at the employment center:

I met M at the career workshop....

She had a great job as an administrator in a large company.  But she failed a drug test.  She was fired without even a moment's hesitation on the employer's part.  Instantly she lost her job, then her car, her home, and her family.   Her dreams were shattered.

N came in needing help in filling out her resume.  In the midst of the process, she dashed out to her car crying.....her daughter had been taken from her and was living with her ex-husband in Hawaii.   She had been unfaithful to a cold and unloving spouse, and then lost her marriage and child.  She had no hope of reclaiming her life.  Her dreams had been shattered.

S was also at the Employment Center.  She had married a man - even though she felt like the Gift of Holy Ghost had distinctly said NO!  She didn't know how to say no and went through with the marriage.  They were unequally yoked in terms of spirituality.  He occasionally belittled her desires to be righteous, he was often indifferent to family events and special occasions, they argued over finances, church, child-raising, etc.   It was not a happy marriage.  She felt like her entire life she had lived a lie.  But she did not feel like she should end her temple marriage.  Once again, shattered dreams.

The stories often overwhelmed me; left me emotionally drained and exhausted.

They needed more help than an employment specialist could give.

They needed the love and mercy of the Savior and His Atonement.

I hope they can eventually find HIM and the peace that comes in using the Atonement in their lives.  That is the only way to find the peace they seek from their

Broken Hearts and

Shattered Dreams.

Closet Drinker

"Yes," she told me recently.

Whenever my grandkids come, I sneak out to the garage and have a drink."

Frankly, I was quite surprised.  She lived nearby and went to church each week.

But, I thought to myself, I certainly have no reason to be judgmental.

She then broke into a wide grin and said,

"Yes, I'll have a swig of Coke or Pepsi, whichever I happen to  have handy."  She laughed.

"I just don't want my grandkids to see me drinking so heavily when they are around."

And then she added,

"It seems to soothe my nerves."

Ha ha.

I laughed.

Whatever it takes.

Cousins Coincidence

Dixie texted; she wanted to meet us for lunch. Dixie is Allen's 2 or 3 COUSIN; who knows, but anyway, they are related.  She is won...