I Give Unto Men Weakness...

that they may be HUMBLE.

Well, I was humbled yesterday and also realized one of my most glaring weaknesses.

I was ashamed.

And, I am determined to do MUCH better.

We are getting ready to go on a home exchange to Eastern Canada.

That means we will stay in a couple's home in Canada, and they will stay in our home.

So, I'm trying to get ready by cleaning.

Yesterday, I tackled the fridge and pantry.

I was appalled at all the food I threw out because it was so outdated.

I was horrified at the waste!

Most of all, I was HUMBLED at my lack of discipline in not using the food when it was at its best.


I will try to make this weakness of wasting food, something that I do very little of in the future.

Oh, I EARNESTLY hope so.


Books That Are Painful to Read

Some books just pierce the soul, the heart, the mind, the very being.

Such is the case with the book called:


I had read it several years ago, when it came out and became a national sensation.

But, I am listening to it now.

And, it is so very painful.

It's painful to hear how we, as a nation, treated the Blacks.

It's also painful to realize that not that much has changed since it took place in the 1960s.

The writing is so full of emotion as we hear the voices of the Black maids and the voices of their white women employers.

It's just painful.

And, I always wonder......

If I had been raised in the South, would I have been like those unfeeling, rude, cocky American white ladies?

I don't like the answer I think is correct.

Don't like it at all.


Feeling the Love of a Heavenly Father

Over the last several months, I have been praying for some things.

Some were specific, some were general.

Last week, as i was riding into town to go exercise, it was like a baseball hit me over the head saying,

"You've had those answers to your prayers, and you haven't even bothered to thank Heavenly Father!"

What a crystal clear knock on the head and moment that was.

I began thinking my Heavenly Father quite profusely that morning, and I do so now.

Thank you for the answers to my prayers for our daughter .....

Thank you for the answers to my prayers for our son.....

Thank you for the answers to my prayers for my dear brother, who is recovering so miraculously and well.

I an so grateful for so many things.

A Loving Heavenly Father,
A Husband.

I give my great thanks to GOD, for the many blessings I have.


The Office Book Shelves

In February, we went, as we usually do, to the incredible St George Parade of Homes.

Each year, I am astonished when we go into the offices/dens of the gorgeous homes.

The book shelves often hardly have ANY books on them.  No big binders of family pictures, etc.
No paperback books, which show how cheap a book buyer a person is, no books of odd sizes, no papers stuffed in the corners saying, "I'll get to this some day."

In fact, the book shelves are so inspiring that often I am ALMOST tempted to come home and fix my own shelves to look like theirs.  But, then, the question arises, where will I put all the STUFF?

Just hide it away in some secret, hidden place so that my shelves can look lovely like the model homes.


But, a few days ago, I decided to do a sort of cleaning out a little.  I wish I had done a BEFORE picture.  They still don't look at all like the model homes, but I'm working on hiding things so they look at least a little more presentable.

I have miles to go before I'm done,

BUT, it's a work in progress.....Empty book shelves, overstuffed bureau drawers.  Ha Ha.


One of the Most Difficult...

Covenants for me is...


I always want happiness for others.

And, I don't really like to hear the stories of others and their sorrows and pains.

Not because I'm insensitive, but because I take them so much to heart.  And live with them and feel it and can do nothing.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed when hearing the stories of my own family members - I hate to hear them be in pain because then I am in pain.

I'm learning how to handle it better and to turn to the Savior, but it's something I still need to learn how to do better.

I look forward to the day when this scripture is fulfilled: Revelation 21:4.....

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.


The Story Lost

It was a very slow night at the mission.

There weren't many patrons, so a couple of the missionaries were just sitting talking together.

One Elder was telling a story about his involvement in the St. George Marathon.  He had been with it from its infancy.  In fact, he had actually begun it.  He was telling about the few people involved, then he told how it began to expand to become what it is today.

I was riveted by the story.  He was a very humble, quiet, low-profile kind of man, as he told the story.

When he concluded, I asked him if he would be willing to let me record him on the memories app.  He said he didn't feel like it right then.

I asked his wife if she would encourage him to tell me the story on another night after he had time to think about it.

He was gone for several weeks, and when he returned, he said he wasn't interested in telling the story at all.

But, here's the deal; he doesn't realize what that memory would/could mean to his posterity.  He simply DOESN'T GET IT.  It's not FOR HIM.  It's for his children/grandchildren/great grandchildren.

I've found several other older people like who are so hesitant like he is.  And, it makes me sad, because these stories will be lost.

And, they are worth preserving.



Okay, now this is really scary.

I Dreamed that I could not remember my youngest child's name!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were in a crowded place where a lot of children were running around, and I couldn't call out to my own child because I couldn't remember his/her name!

I asked one of my older children to find his little brother/sister because I couldn't remember what to call him/her!

  When I woke up, I was thinking "I'm losing my mind!"

Ha Ha.

So, to INKLINGS, I'll have my blood sugar checked.

And, to Laurence, you are right, this definitely proves I am getting OLD!

But, I'm going to tell my mind to quit dreaming!

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