I Give Unto Men Weakness...

that they may be HUMBLE.

Well, I was humbled yesterday and also realized one of my most glaring weaknesses.

I was ashamed.

And, I am determined to do MUCH better.

We are getting ready to go on a home exchange to Eastern Canada.

That means we will stay in a couple's home in Canada, and they will stay in our home.

So, I'm trying to get ready by cleaning.

Yesterday, I tackled the fridge and pantry.

I was appalled at all the food I threw out because it was so outdated.

I was horrified at the waste!

Most of all, I was HUMBLED at my lack of discipline in not using the food when it was at its best.


I will try to make this weakness of wasting food, something that I do very little of in the future.

Oh, I EARNESTLY hope so.

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