Or, even read at ALL.

For some reason, I had it in my head that we were flying out at 12:15 a.m. on Friday morning, so we arrived at the airport in Las Vegas at 6:00 p.m. Thursday evening.  

Were we surprised to learn that the flight was actually on SATURDAY morning?  We had 30 HOURS to use up - we were certainly NOT going to pay to go home for that short time.

So, we looked up a cheap motel.  Only to discover that it didn't have shuttle service - AND even worse - it was a LONG way from the airport, so it cost a HUGE amount for the taxi fare.  What a total WASTE of money.  (It was, in fact, the same cost to go on the shuttle from St George to Vegas, as it was to drive from the airport to the motel....so CRAZEE!)

On Friday, we checked out of the hotel - which had no free breakfast - and literally wandered around town for 8 hours with our luggage in tow.  Allen  - sort of jokingly - suggested we go to the temple, but we had no way to get there, and we were in traveling attire; jeans and casual shoes, etc.

We ate an expensive buffet lunch, went to a few shows at Circus Circus and rode the bus to the Bellagio, where we found a sort of quiet, comfortable place to sit, relax, and wait out our time.

Then, we took the bus to head to the airport.  In order to get the right bus, we had to go to the end of the line where the bus then changed directions.  Where we waited for the airport bus was very scary.  I mean, SCARY.  There were just a few people, one very helpful lady, but a few iffy characters.....on drugs, according to helpful lady.  Their behavior was just bizarre.  I was so grateful to walk in the airport and to feel SAFE.  SAFE.  SAFE.

We checked in at the kiosk, and learned that our sweet daughter, Kristi, had bought a special pass for us which allowed us to get thru security very quickly and with so little stress.  It was Such an incredibly thoughtful thing for her to do.  And, so like her.

By the time we got on the plane, I was pretty exhausted, but SLEEP was not my companion during that red-eye flight.

We arrived in Montreal, got a shuttle to our hotel, and spent the night until our host came to pick us up on Sunday morning.  All-in-all...what an adventure.

And, now, here we are in Val-des-lacs, Quebec, Canada, which is a little resort town an hour and a half outside of Montreal.  It is in the mountains, so the weather is colder than further down the mountains.  It reminds Allen and me of Island Park, Idaho.

But, here we are.......

Rain, snow, cold, and all.

Here we are.

Let the next adventure continue!

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