On Getting Offended

It's so easy to get offended.

In church, we are given talks over and over about


I have been offended.  It just happens.

But, what happens AFTER the offense is really the significant thing.

I've tried to be forgiving.

I think I have forgiven two of the most egregious offenses.

I know it's hard.

But, last night, we heard a story of a lady in our ward who was offended, and hasn't spoken to her neighbor for six years.  In fact, has been openly rude to her neighbor.

To me, hearing the story, it sounded so trivial and STUPID, but that's the way offenses are....most of the time, at least.

I want to remember this story, not because I care to remember who and why, but just how silly it is to carry a grudge for so long and under such ridiculous circumstances.

I want to be able to just let go.


When Someone You Love Dies.....

I don't even know how to act or react.

I don't know how to feel, other than forsaken lonely scared fearful regretful sorrowful.

About a week ago on a long drive, mu husband asked me about my best friends.

I mentioned about four or five people in my life; rare and choice.

And, today, I learned that one of those dear, favorite women had died.

How could it have happened that I was just reviewing her life a week ago, and then she's gone....why didn't I call her to tell her how much she had meant to me?  Why hadn't I kept in better touch?

Distance is no excuse to keep people apart.  I MUST DO BETTER.

Loni,  Judi was diagnosed with cancer again about two months ago. Friday night she passed away from that cancer. Sorry for the bad news. The funeral date has not been set yet. Keep checking on line at the Ekersell funeral home in Rigby, Idaho.

I am beyond heartbroken ....

And, now is where - again - I realize how significant the plan of salvation truly is.

Oh, dear Judi, I WILL see you again and then I will tell you how significant you are to me....how much your friendship meant, how you always inspired me, how I will treasure even more the lovely items you gave me over the years.

Oh, dear Judi Butikofer.....can you feel my love soaring thru the heavens?

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