Tuesday's Sorrows

It's not even noon. 

So far today, I have heard two stories about families feuding over finances...such sorrowful stories of how money has totally divided these families.  Not speaking to each other (both Mormon families) over the inheritance.

People absolutely DESPERATE for a job:

Including the 82 year old who said he is at the end of his rope...his wife just got out of the hospital.  How do you find a job for an 82 year old?

The trucker who wants to work on a farm; we can't find a farm job.  He is willing to work hard, but we cannot find available work for him.

The psychologist who needs work.

The 50ish metal worker whose wife is very ill and he needs a JOB!

I'm beyond sorrowful...it just goes on and on.  And, it breaks my heart.

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