Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

Elder C was angry!  Very angry!

He could not believe what happened....

He had spent a long time helping T look for a job; a homeless man coming in to get help.  In fact, Elder C went to a personal friend who owns a car business to see if he would hire T.  His friend was willing to interview T to see if there was a fit.  T went to a couple of interviews and the employer was ready to hire him.  UNTIL...

The employer asked T about his background; T is a felon; he stole a car.

But, he had never mentioned that little bit of information to Elder C.

Elder C was so angry that T had not disclosed his background to him in the first place.  Elder C said in a disgusted voice, "What a waste of my time, my energy, my friend's time and energy!  I'm so angry that he didn't tell me in the first place about his background."

We actually see this very often; people who are not up front about their situations. 

 Like the boss who told me today about a man he had hired and sent him to get his drug test.  The man took his urine sample in to be tested.  The tester said, "No, you have to give a fresh urine sample here....."  And, the man walked out and never showed up for the job....obviously he was using the urine of a friend because he would not have not have been able to pass a drug test!

Oh, the choices we all make...the stupid, stupid, stupid choices.

But, truthfully, if you LIE, chances are, it will be found out!

So, no more lies or pants on fire, please.

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