The Ward

Brother K's daughter was murdered by her husband.  He and his wife are raising the five children.  It's not easy, but they are doing it.

S was run over by vindictive people after she went to the police about being raped; her left arm is useless....

The D's daughter died young of Lou Gehrig's Disease, leaving two young children behind.

Brother M is wheel-chair bound for many years with Lou Gehrig's disease.

M - an outstanding student in high school, an accomplished gymnast, was beaten and has mental issues related to the beating.

J - lives in a small trailer and is highly medicated....she is sort of zombie like.  Her live-in boyfriend just had surgery for colon cancer.

Sister T - the Relief Society president - fills about 17 - give or take a few - food orders each week.

K's brother was shot in the back and is lucky to be alive.  K is just getting divorced because her husband has been unfaithful for many many years.

These are the people Elder and Sister Wright go to church with each week; and they are making a difference in the lives of these people.

I saw it; I FELT it.

And, it was inspiring.

Elder and Sister Wright;
they put in many, many hours in the Bishop's Storehouse, but they took time off one day to take us to New Orleans...
here they are on Bourbon Street.

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