Back to School

Time to visit Lucy, Imogen, and Anna at school.
First, I read two picture books to Anna's third grade class; oh my goodness, so very fun!

These are the self-introductory papers by Anna - above.  (At the beginning of the year, she says she wants to be a vet, but she has already changed her mind about that.)

Imogen's poem below....

Friday lunch is - what else - PIZZA!  One fruit of choice and one vegetable of choice.  My choice was not to eat ANY of it.

Anna eating in her classroom for a special Friday lunch to represent eating in a restaurant.

Imogen is mighty good on those monkey bars!

Lucy gives it a shot also.

Ah, good friends...nothing like having someone to hang out with at school..
Thanks to Janna for suggesting it and making all the arrangements.....
I enjoyed going to visit Johnson Elementary School....I'll put it on the agenda for next year too.

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