From Juniper Hill

Entry in Jordan's plant diary from when the dog, Ginger, killed a chicken named Charm. 
This is Anna's response to that event.
To ensure that the dog would not kill another chicken, Jordan tied the dead chicken around the dog's neck for one week.  The dog would back up to get away from the chicken; he would shake his head; all to no avail.
 BUT, he has not killed another chicken!

HIBISCUS = Just one of many stunning plants in J & J's amazing yard.

Jordan keeps a plant/bird journal.  He records plantings, sightings, etc.  He also has drawn some pictures, but they were so light, they didn't show up when I took a picture of them.  He has drawn a picture of his dog, a couple of birds, etc.  Here is a drawing he did of clover, and then later, Lucy found a four-leaf clover. 

After school when the homework is done, Anna, Imogen, and Lucy work on the girls' LEGO set
 Anna got from her Armstrong grandparents for her birthday. 

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