Happy Birthday, Relief Society!

How Often? Once a year
How Many Years? Lots of years is how long I've been going!
What Kind of Evening is it? Some fun, humorous, historical, modern, dinners, non-dinners
Programs? Sometimes music, sometimes speakers, sometimes workshops
Best One? Without Doubt....last night's Sisters of Light! It included original music by Jenny Phillips and an original narrative outline, but with unscripted stories by women in our stake.

Incredible, amazing, inspiring, love-filled, emotion-filled...it was a blend of stories fromBiblical days, pioneer days, and real-life contemporary women who shared their stories of:

losing jobs, homes, health, marriages; and yet, in each case, they bore such powerful testimonies of the love and care of the Saviour. These women KNEW they were watched and cared for by each other and by the love of Christ even during very, very difficult circumstances in their lives.

The music was amazing!

Linda Asay and I drove Sylvia Seegmiller in her wheelchair accessible van. I was so glad that Sylvia was able to go.

I love the Relief Society! Happy Birthday to this marvelous organization.

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Mrs. Olsen said...

Our birthday dinner is next week. For some reason, I didn't realize that they do this every year. I'll have to start paying more attention I guess.