Gratitude Attitude

Today while running errands, I was overwhelmingly grateful for 4 things:

1. Health - at this time in my life. I went to the hospital to visit my cousin Karole, who has cancer, and other health problems. Seeing her so weak and helpless made me realize - again - that every day we can walk, talk, and breathe is a gift.

2. Food - particularly fast food when I'm in a hurry. I hadn't eaten breakfast; it was noon - I was hungry, so I drove through Taco Time. (Our daughter, Kristi, once made up the best song ever about Taco Time. We all used to beg her to sing it to us...something about the food makes you want to smile and the cheese stretches out about a mile...) Ironically, while I was waiting for the very few minutes for the food to be processed I was reading an article about Pioneer life and Pioneer meals. This verse was in the article:
"Rabbit young, Rabbit old,
Rabbit hot, Rabbit cold,
Rabbit tender and Rabbit tough,
Oh please, Dear Lord,
We've had enough."
from Pioneer magazine, Vol. 56, page 9
WOW, I was so struck with how easy I had it, and the incredible variety of foods that we can choose from. I drove through TT with my car and picked up something to eat. Tonight, I'll thaw some fish from the freezer and bake it in an oven...how easy is that? My errands took me to the grocery store where I bought some boneless, skinless chicken. I'll stir fry that another night with some veggies that I also picked up at the store.
I've got it easy...and I'm very, very grateful!
3. Deseret Industries - great place to drop off items that I no longer need, but that are still very usable; like a great pair of running shoes that got to be too tight for me. That, and other still-good items. I love that someone will be so excited to get a pink sweater that is new, but didn't fit me! Or, a very lovely formal blue dress to wear on a cruise. Oh, I dropped off some good stuff. Someone is going to be glad they went shopping at DI today!
4. Family History Center - I am so grateful for our 2 missions there. I dropped by to visit Elaine Booth and get some advice from her about something to do with family history. I saw several people who were there when we served our missions. They are the best people and it was fun to see them. I'm very, very grateful for that opportunity that we had to serve.
Of course, I'm grateful for lots more, but those things were in my head today.

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