The Power of Words

Many years ago, I was exercising on a stationery bicycle and reading Maya Angelou's


At this point in my life, I don't remember anything about the book or even what it's about, but I DO remember getting off the bike, going into the next room to tell Allen that Angelou's words had totally moved me; it was literally a religious experience.

She had a way of putting words together that just touched my soul.

And, so it is with GOOD books.

I read a lot of books - a lot.

Some are intriguing mysteries, have a humorous bent, a great mystery,  a complicated plot; some are mostly conversation with little description of the characters or events.  And, sure, I'll read some of those.  Some are written to tell a fascinating story line, but don't necessarily have good writing....there are a lot of those out there.

But the ones with staying power and that thrill me the most are the ones with powerful use of language.  I want to underline and remember the lines; the way the words are put together.  I cannot write like that, but I do know a good author when I am in the midst of a book where the power of the words reaches out and touches my soul.  Where the wisdom of the writer is beyond describing.

And, oh, how I love a good book like that.

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