It has been so great being here in Virginia with Kristi and Bobby and Will.

Class of 2017 from Murray High School - Congrats, WILL!

And, also, Jordan and his family!

Joining in the celebration were Anna, Immie, and Oliver!  What cute cousins!

Bobby and Kristi are the best hosts.  They are so thoughtful and accommodating!

It has been fun.

Can you tell that no one is really jumping in, except Jordan?  Ha Ha, but before this picture, they had all been in the pool!

Interestingly enough, we are always so eager to get home and don't like to stay more than three nights, but we will be here a week.

Hiking Crabtree Falls.  Oh, I love my kids and husband!  Family; that's where it's at!

And, it has been great!

Just back from a four-mile hike of the Ravanna Trail.  It was great just walking and talking with Kristi.
Allen walked the first mile with us.  (Trying out my new hairstyle - a ponytail!)

Thanks to the best Kristi daughter ever!  And, to her awesome husband.

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