About Gratitude

I was in a F.U.N.K.

Sometimes when I get that way, I go to visit S.  (Actually, I visit her every week, but I chose that particular day because I was feeling sad about a situation in my life.)

She is cheerful, optimistic, and fun.

But not this time.

She was hurting - again.

She told me how sometimes she lays in her bed at night and screams and cries with pain.  She has - along with her MS - trigeminal neuralgia in her jaw.  It has caused her overwhelming pain in the last year.  She has tried many, many solutions; none work.

Lately, the only relief she gets is from heavy, heavy doses of pain pills.  It makes her loopy.

It's painful for her to brush her teeth, talk, eat.  She is in constant pain.  And, now, she finally had become vocal, and expressed her feelings of despair.

I hurt for her.  I ache for her.  I want to help her.

As I left her home, I thought about my FUNK; and I was ashamed.

I can walk, talk, eat, brush my teeth, visit, enjoy life.

There is no reason to feel anything but deep gratitude.

Which I now do.

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