are hard sometimes.

But, the decision to put one's own mother in a nursing home must surely be an agonizing one.

(My mother was in one, but for a limited amount of time....she hated it.)

And, now my neighbor has been put in a home.

And, yes, she hated the decision.

She told me that she was angry with her children.  She played the guilt card.  She had them all crying.  She, who is always kind and gentle, did not go easy into that dark night.

And, so there she is and at age 69, there she will remain.

Her family has been so good to her; she has lived with her son for several years since her husband was killed in a tragic accident.  They have taken her many places, have cared lovingly for her over an extended period of time.

But, then, it became impossible to do so any longer.

For you see, my friend has MS.

She has been in a wheelchair for 18 years.  But she has gotten progressively weaker and more fragile.  She is no longer able to feed herself.  Her son and daughter-in-law work full time.  One day while they were at work, she wanted to go outside to warm up.  But, she couldn't get back in and was nearly unconscious when discovered three hours later.  She is getting forgetful, repeats...you know the frightening drill.

Oh, dear S, my heart does ache for you.

But, I must be honest; this is the best for all involved.

And, I promise you this....I will come to visit, just as I have for four years....

We'll laugh, talk, share, cry, and be grateful for our friendship.

And you dear friend, will continue to inspire me with your goodness, gentleness, kindness, and FAITH.

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Mrs. Olsen said...

69?! That would be tough. Visit her often...you are a sweetheart LGH!