Whenever RAH and I travel, we like to attend church.

And, almost always, we make some sort of connection to: Rexburg, St. George, former friends or students, relatives, etc.

It's one of the fun things about traveling and going to church.

In a ward in Harlem, New York, RAH met a former student; in a hotel church meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, my former childhood babysitter was on a tour; entering a church in Ridgeland, South Carolina, my visiting teacher from St George happened to be visiting that same ward.  There are many, many more.  These are just a few examples.....

I'm always thrilled about such meetings and I'm sure everyone makes these same connections when they travel.

But, in addition to that, I love meeting with the Saints; their lessons, their talks, their life experiences are all marvelous to be a part of.

Oh, yes, the connections are good, but I realize that it's all part of an even larger connection to what Heaven will be like.

So, I better straighten up and do better!

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