Death of a Roommate

She was talking on the phone to one of her five sons.

Suddenly, the line went dead.

He called a cousin in the same town, who broke into her house, and found her sitting where she had been talking on the phone.

A surprising death indeed, but such a peaceful, non-painful way to go.

Oh, she was a character, that Lauralee Catherine Lucille Bannatyne Stevenson...then she married twice so her name was Lauralee Catherine Lucille Bannatyne Stevenson Olson Elliot.

We had reconnected the last couple of years on Face Book, and she had had some health issues, but she was still happy, helping others, caring about others, just doing good.

I was stunned to open my FB page, and see her son posting of her death.

Life is so fragile, precious, and fleeting.

Rest in Peace, dear Lauralee!

But, most of all, thanks for the memories from 1963!

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