The Sunday Visits

Today I visited FIVE - yes, that's right...

FIVE families.

Short but sweet visits.

Oh, how I love the people in my neighborhood.

Here's how it played out.

Jerry & Linda Asay; they had just gotten home from church.  Linda looked great in her blue outfit.  Jerry looks weak, but he was in good spirits, which i was glad about.  They had just returned form Thanksgiving with their children in Tucson.

After dinner, I went  to see Edith, my visiting teaching person. She has zero interest in the church, but she's great.

Abby Forsyth, who just returned from her mission and gave her mission report.  What an obedient, wonderful young lady.

Steve & Rachael Beckstrom, to tell them how wonderful their young son is.  He is so prepared for baptism...it was astonishing to me how well prepared and knowledgable he is.

Baelie Beatty, only she wasn't home, so I visited briefly with Waunita.

I love, admire, and respect all these people.

When I got home, OUR home teacher was here.

And, I'm so very grateful for Ron Olson.

I have such good people in my life and I feel blessed.

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