I Have Never Wanted.....

a second home.

I know people love them.  People like having a place where family can come, a getaway from regular patterns and lifestyles, etc.

But, to me, they have always represented a lot of WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few years ago, RAH wanted to spend the summers fishing in Manila, Utah, so he - (well, I guess WE) - bought a little camper trailer.  It was small and it was fine.

But RAH said it was much too small.  So, we found one quite a bit larger with a tip out.  It was perfect for what we needed.  There was actually quite a bit of room and our family has visited us, friends also.  And all was good.  We spent a couple of summers enjoying the trailer.

Too much STUFF now; time to downsize.

So, why would I not like that situation?

Because I knew that - eventually - everything would have to come out of that trailer...

And, because it would be used - we had to fill it with essentials; towels, dishes, cleaning stuff, clothes, food, spices, canned goods, paper products, soaps; anything that goes in a house.  All that stuff stayed stored through the winter and summers.

But, now, the trailer is for sale, so ALL the STUFF comes out...it ALL has to be cleaned out.

I'll be doing laundry for a week with all the items that need washing!

Such a lot of work.

Now, I have piles of clothes, socks with no place to stash them, cupboards with lots of out-date spices, towels that won't fit in the linen closet, dishes and bowls and pans that need a home.  Medicine cabinets over run with aspirin, cold medicines, asthma sprayers, shampoos, toothbrushes, dental floss, soaps, etc.

Stuff that really won't fit in our regular home.

The irony is that for the last year, RAH and I have been trying so hard to GET RID OF STUFF.

And, now, we are loading back up again.  It makes no sense.

But, there you have it.

And, that is why I never wanted an extra home, trailer, camper, etc.

WE ARE OVERLOADED WITH STUFF.  And, it's MY JOB to put it all away.


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