Stories From the Mission

They were very strict Catholics.

But, they loved the Family Search Discovery Center.

We got them a free account on family search.org and it was so fun for them to trace some of their lines back.  At the end of our being together for about three hours, he asked how much he owed me for my time.  HA HA  - I loved that.  There's no money that can pay for the joy of what we do at the family history center.......

But, when I work with people, over and over again, I am distressed about the disjointedness of families.

They don't speak to each other, they don't know each other....(the lady mentioned above did not even know her mother's real name because she had changed it so often.  And, I'm not talking married name, either.).  They have long-held grudges, they haven't seen or talked to people for YEARS.  They no little or nothing about their parents and grandparents, where they came from, etc.  It's just amazing to me, truly.

I understand so much more clearly the need for


I am continually grateful for my own family - parents, children, grandchildren, in-laws.  What a great blessing.

But, I love the mission; it has given me insight into families and people.

And, it's such a fun thing when they catch on and see pictures and family names.  It's a high.

And, I love it.

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