Tales From the Mission

She was not a member of the church.

But, her doctor suggested because she had a lot of extra time between cancer treatments, that she might enjoy the family discovery center.

Enjoy it, she did.

We found an extended tree with information she had not previously had.  And, she loved going thru the Discovery Center, doing as it suggests; discovering things about her family and ancestors.

It was so fun to meet Sandy.  I rejoiced with her at all the things she discovered that day.

However, I also felt sad for her as she has no children and her husband is deceased.

She lives in Mesquite and comes to SG for cancer treatments, as did her husband.  She showed a slight interest in the church and loved all the caregivers, nurses, doctors, etc.  at the hospital.  She realized that many were Mormons, and she said, "THEY ARE JUST SO HAPPY!"

That made my heart sing.

She had just gone to get a coffee, and I mentioned that Mormons don't drink coffee.  She was so surprised and said, "Well, I know they don't drink COKE, but I had no idea they don't drink coffee!"

Ha ha; made me laugh.

Have I mentioned that I truly love the mission?!?!?!??!??

Yes, I do.

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