Tales of Adoption

In the last three months, two members of our ward have found their birth families, thanks to DNA Testing and Facebook.

They have been thrilled and excited.

They have found answers and with great joy have bonded with new families.

It has been so fun to hear their stories.  I have spoken at length with both of these people;

Bobbie Jo and Dave.

But, here's my question - to no one in particular....

What if your family background is ugly....

Would you want to know?

What if your father is in jail for rape or robbery?

Would that be difficult to find out?

What if your mother is a homeless drug addict?

Would that be a pleasant discovery?

I ask these questions because I know of a situation where some of this is true.

And, it's so sad to know that a parent is really not a good person at this point.

And, no, I don't think the adopted person would want to know.

So, for Bobbie Jo and Dave, they are rejoicing,

But, it's not good news for every adoptee.

Perhaps what was hidden should stay hidden.

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