Being Inspired....

by our neighbors.

Glenn was just fired in a very public way for a very stupid reason!

DSU fires faculty members Glenn Webb, Ken Peterson

It's all so very tragic and so unnecessary and so spiteful on the president's and provost's part.

Glen has received dozens and dozens of support posts on FB, but that will likely not have any effect on the outcome of his current position as chairman of the music department.

But, here's the thing; through all of this ugliness and tragedy, Glen and his wonderful wife, Carrie, have been strong in their faith of the Atonement, strong in their not resorting to backstabbing, strong in their resolve to see it through, and strong to let it takes its outcome, which does not look promising.

They have totally inspired me and others with their commitment to Gospel principles of being Christian.  From Carrie Webb's FB post:

Shared from the Living the 7 Habits app:
These principles (fairness, integrity and honesty, human dignity, service, quality or excellence, potential, growth, patience, nurturance, and encouragement) surface time and time again, and the degree to which people in a society recognize and live in harmony with them moves them toward either survival and stability or disintegration and destruction.
Paradigms & Principles of Effectiveness
This statement pretty much sums up what is wrong and right in our community. I’m so grateful to have a strong faith in Jesus Christ along with a strong belief in these principles.  #LIM #choosekindnesd

Glen and Carrie Webb; neighbors for many years; they have a married son and daughter, and a son on a mission in England.  It was because of a casual remark he made to his son in a letter, that he is being fired.  The University has accused him of willfully and intentionally undermining a person's character when he told his son, Tommy, in the letter that the 8 member faculty board had decided not to renew a drama teacher's contract.  IT's all so STUPID!

How do I know all this?

Because I live across the street and have talked with them.  And, I know what kind of people they are.


I'm just hoping and praying for a good outcome for this marvelous family!

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