When I returned home from the night shift, Allen handed me this envelope with these gift cards inside.
What a sweetheart is he!  Made me smile.  He's good and thoughtful.
About five o'clock, Marlaine Dayton came in with this bag of goodies; it astonished me, as I had just met her last week.
Look at all those thoughtful goodies...(I had told her Allen just bought a new Jeep, and we were going to go adventuring; hence the tylenol, lotion, and lip balm, I suppose.  It was just so sweet and so unexpected.
Notice also a little box with a red ribbon; that was given to me by Janna Olson, one of the missionaries I will truly miss.
The room just before anyone comes in at nine.  After nine, it's FILLED with missionaries and visitors!
Sad, happy, relieved, sorrowful.

All the emotions of something one loves coming to an end.

That was me on Feb 28....a day I had been looking forward to, but also Not looking forward to.

End of an era.

End of third family history mission.

End of many marvelous friendships...we say we will keep in touch, but I know realistically how that works, and it doesn't.

What can I say?  I loved it.  I realized that I didn't really know that much.  I was okay with family search, terrible at Ancestry, and c- at research.

I loved the visitors and the missionaries; the happy feelings that always permeated the building every day.

It's over and here's my last day photos to recall the wonderful 18 months.

Outside on our front porch for the final day of the mission!

This new family history center opened in June 2018....It is a happy place and always very busy!

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