I Dreamed a Dream

I would love to have a person who could interpret dreams.

For one part of each of my dreams, I am perfectly able to interpret.  I am always in a place where there are no bathrooms, or they are extremely hard to find.

Now, I know what that means.  I LITERALLY HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!

But, the other parts of my dreams are so bizarre.

And, I want to know why I always dream such crazy things.

Do they relate to the books I am currently reading?

Do they relate to the stories I've heard on my mission from people who have crazy stories to tell about their families?

Are they about my own thoughts about my family?

Are they trying to tell me something, and I'm too dense to get the message.

Man, my dreams are getting crazier and crazier.

So, where's the dream whisperer when I need her?


Inklings said...

Do you have a blood sugar problem? Because I do, and my dr. said that if my blood sugar drops too low, the liver puts out sugar that makes it too high, and then it gives me very crazy dreams and then adrenaline wakes me up and gives me insomnia. So if your dreams are like that, get your blood sugar tested. That being said, if you dream about a baby, the baby represents your life. :)

Laurence Gee said...

It just mans you are getting older.