Being a Good Steward

I'm going through my father's papers.

I just found some financial reports of his which tell his salary for the year 1984.  I was stunned at how little it was.  Then, I put it into a google chart that tells the value of that amount for 2018.  It was shockingly little.

The thing that amazed me was how generous my parents were; how much they shared with family and how they made that small amount go so far.

When he died, we each got some money from his estate, and I now realize that he was very frugal and was a very good steward over what he had.

For many years, I encouraged him, begged him, pleaded with him to get a newer car.  He always declined.  He didn't go out and buy expensive things.  The only thing he really spent money on was my mom, pies/cakes, and techno gadgets.  (He had so many useless gadgets in his basement after he died.  Still makes me laugh, although I take after him in that regard!)

Oh, dear father and mother, you left such a great legacy of love and being financially conservative.

I've never followed your example, but oh, how I wish I had.

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