Part Two: The Thoughtfulness of Others

Andrea lives directly behind us.

This picture is VERY old; taken lots of years ago before she had any of their joint children.
She is THE BEST!

In total, she has 11 children in her family;

3 from her first marriage,

Roger had 5 from his first marriage,

And together they have had three children.

The oldest is married and living away from home.

The other 4 from Roger's marriage live part-time with their mother, but they are with Andrea LOTS.

So, she always has a houseful of people to do laundry for and FEED, FEED, FEED.

Over the years, she has shared cookies, desserts, bread, eggs, etc.

Tonight, however, she outdid herself.

She sent over tinfoil dinners for RAH and me.

Can you imagine?  She has 11 people to feed tonite and she sent over tinfoil dinners for US!

Well, that just blows me away.

She is absolutely the kindest, most thoughtful, giving person.  How do I ever repay someone like Andrea?  Oh, I love that young mother.

She puts me to shame and reminds me that I must do MUCH BETTER!

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