The Thoughtfulness of Others

Yesterday, early in the morning at the mission, I got a note saying Jacquelyn would like to come have some help at 9:00 pm.

Although I couldn't remember who she was, I was ready and waiting for her.  She was a dear lady that I had helped a week ago.

We found her several names to take to the temple, so I got up to print the papers.

When I returned, there was a little sandwich bag of Valentine candy waiting for me.  It was so very sweet and thoughtful.  It had little red kisses, some hard Valentine candy, some chocolate wrapped candies (which she said are delicious!), and one red gumdrop.

I was so surprised and thanked her profusely because it was so unexpected, so thoughtful, and so sweet. 

I am often amazed at simple, yet thoughtful gestures that people do. 

It brings a lot of joy to know those kinds of people and is a reminder that that is the kind of person I would like to be.

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