Reality Vs. Television

It was a detective show featuring a male and woman as partners.  The lady always carried a bag over her shoulder.

At an intense moment in the scene, the male detective needed a pen.  He asked his partner for one.  She reached inside her bag and produced the pen.  Just like that.  In about 5 seconds or less.

I wanted to hit rewind.  How did she DO THAT, I wondered?

I was recently at an office needing to fill out some forms, so I needed a PEN; a simple pen.

I reached inside my bag and pulled out two lollipops from the bank.  Hmm....not quite right.

Reaching back into the depths, I produced a gas receipt, a broken comb, a quarter, a half stick of gum.

No pen yet.  But, I knew there was one in there.  I have a pen and pencil fetish, so I keep them around.  But WHERE were they when I needed them?

Searching around the bottom, I came upon a tube of lipstick - uncovered - so the tube of color was stuck with bits of popcorn, cracker crumbs, a small piece of tissue,  candy wrapper, a small screw, and who knows what else?

By this time, the lady at the desk looked at me snarkily and asked sarcastically if I would like to use the office pen?  Perhaps?

So, you can understand why I was so puzzled when the lady detective was able to pull out a pen immediately?!?!?!??!?!?

Could it be the prop people put only one item in the bag?

And, that one item was a PEN, just ready to be pulled out!?!?!?!??

I wonder.........????????!?!?!??!?!?!?

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