Stories from the Mission

Carman was delightful.

She wanted to see if her great grandfather's endowment could be released since it was reserved in 2014.  We checked into that (It can't YET!) and then she wanted to know about a temple cancellation.

We also checked into that and she will get an email about that.

But, while she was there, I learned a little about her.  She was such a happy and delightful, pleasant person that I was a little surprised she she told me that a financial advisor had lost ALL THEIR RETIREMENT SAVINGS the year they retired.  He had come to their home in Las Vegas and said, "I lost it all.  Sorry about that."

As she told me this story, I was appalled.  Both she and her husband are working now to recover and get an income.


She was not resentful.  She said she's as happy in her life as she has ever been.  She is content.  She likes her job, her husband likes his.

They had to sell the home they were living in;  they live in a much smaller home in a tiny town called Beaver Dam, but she is grateful to God for her blessings.  Both she and her husband have survived cancer; they feel healthy, they eat right, and life is good for her.

She so inspired me.  I have things weighing on my mind and her faith and optimism just buoyed me up.

She was the LIGHT in my world yesterday evening, and I feel so blessed...

As I often do on the days I go to the mission.  So many inspiring people overcoming so many challenges.

And, they all help me.

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