Of Disappointment and Other Things

She is a marvelous mother.

Just about perfect, in fact.

Then when her twins sons went on missions far, far away, she wanted to continue being a great mom, which included, even though very expensive, an occasional package to them once in awhile.

For their birthdays, she had planned and executed a most marvelous gift to them...it took time, money, thought, energy.  But, it was finally finished and she had it printed into a poster for her sons for their birthdays.

Oh, that good mother was excited.  Along with the poster she mailed little gifts of love and thoughtful care; like peanut butter, candies that each liked, other items, including shoe goo because their shoes are falling apart.  An older brother had spent many hours putting together LDS approved music and put it on a small MP-3 player for each missionary.  This was something they had requested...

On SATURDAY, she mailed it.  It was VERY expensive!  (Double the cost of everything when twins are involved!)

On MONDAY, she received an email from the mission president that NO packages were being allowed in the country and those already mailed would be confiscated and not distributed to anyone in the country.  This was the country's decision.  WHAT COUNTRY BANS PACKAGES?!?!?!??!?!??!

She is beyond bummed.

And it's not just about the money; it's about her son and his not getting ANYTHING for his birthday. It's about his disappointment.

After that, it is about the money.  A LOT of money to a family watching their monies.

What a BUMMER!

This is just the receipt for the mailing; this doesn't even include the cost of the items to be mailed!



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